Even today, April 20


Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


  • In the morning, sunny in the second half — overcast, night temperature 0 — 2 C during the day — 8 — 10 C

Do not pass:

  • Minsk, a joint meeting of the defense ministries of Belarus and Russia
  • Minsk, the editors 'teachers' newspaper, a straight line with the Education Minister Sergei Maskevitch. Beginning at 14.00
  • Minsk, Bookstore "Logvinov," lecture by renowned Polish poet Leszek Engelking. Start at 19.00



  • Brussels, the European Commission will present a proposal to the EU budget for 2012
  • Moscow, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will speak in Russian parliament with a report on the government's
  • Pallo Alto (USA), President Barack Obama will visit the headquarters of Facebook and take part in a forum on economic issues


  • 1770: James Cook discovered New South Wales (south-east of Australia)
  • 1923: Vaclav Lastouski resigned from the post of Prime Minister of the BNR
  • 1972: The U.S. spacecraft pilyatavany "APAL-16" sat down on the moon.


  • 570: Muhammad, the prophet, the author of Chicken
  • 1808: Napoleon III (d. 1873), the French Emperor (1852-1871)
  • 1889: Adolf Hitler, the head of Germany (1933-1945), Nazi ideologist (d. 1945)


  • 1985: Charles Francis Richter (born 1900) is an American physicist who developed a scale to assess the strength of earthquakes

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