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Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


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Minsk, in the Commercial Court (street Academic, 15, Bldg. 1) will be considered on appeal against the decision of the Court on the suit ZHREO Soviet district of eviction from the office of the BPF. Beginning at 10.00

Grodno, Grodno business journalist Andrei Poczobut, a correspondent for the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza", will be heard in the Leninsky district court (street Davatora, 2/1), under the chairmanship of Judge Vitaly Letsko. The journalist was charged under two articles of the Criminal Code of Belarus: part 1 of article 368 (insulting the President of Belarus) and Part 1 of Article 367 of the Criminal Code (defamation of the president). Beginning at 10.00


Astana, begins a visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Kazakhstan continues visit by the leader Hu Ding Tao in Kazakhstan

Yerevan, the visit of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Philip Gordon in Armenia


1777? At the Continental Congress in Philadelphia adopted the national flag of the USA with 13 white stars on a blue background and 13 red-white stripes chargavanymi each other by the number of available states then. Since then, the number of lanes will remain the same, and the stars were gradually added to the entry of new states in the country. Now the U.S. flag with 50 stars

1792? Borisov received a coat of arms

1859? Accession of Chechnya of the Russian Empire

1941? Soviet troops began the mass deportation of citizens of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in remote Russian regions

1951? In Washington, went on sale the first computer —

1966? The Roman Curia has announced the termination of the official publication of the list of books («Index librorum prohibitorum»), reading of which is prohibited under threat of excommunication from the Catholic Church. The list was published in 1559.

1982? British victory over Argentina in the war for Falklendy

1985? The Schengen (Luxembourg) signed an agreement on visa-free relations between the five European countries, which was called "Schengen"


1798? Frantisek Palacky, Czech historian, writer, politician and public figure

1867? Mitro Dovnar-Zapolskii, Belarusian historian, ethnographer, folklorist and literary scholar, one of the founders of the national historiography

1900? Michael Zabeyda-Sumitsky, Belarusian singer

1928? Che Guevara, argentynski revolutionary, one of the leaders of the Cuban Revolution

1931? Igor Sorokin, the Belarusian opera singer (baritone), People's Artist of Belarus

1954? Yuri Kurnenin, Belarusian football player and coach


1920? Max Weber, a German sociologist, economist, lawyer

1936? Gilbert Keith Chesterton, British writer and literary critic

1986? Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentine writer, poet, essayist

There is a reason:

World Blood Donor Day

The U.S.? Day of the National Flag (from 1916)

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia? Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Communist Terror

MINUS 365:

Unemployment in Belarusian: self-help

Quote to remember:

Everyone wants to be kept informed honestly and truthfully — and in full accordance with his views
Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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