Events on April 11 will affect the fate of political prisoners?

April 14 at one table together by politicians and social activists, accused in a criminal case on the events of December 19, by which Article 293 of the Criminal Code of the tee on the organization of mass disorder was changed to a softer, 342 minutes — a gross violation of public order. The meeting was organized by activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth."


On the purpose of such a meeting, said one of the accused politicians, activist of the "Tell the Truth" Sergei Wozniak:

"We now have ten people want to decide for themselves what to do because of this article: rejoice for joy or shed tears? And the second question — is solidarity, not only between us, but also with those 60 people who go on criminal charges, and those 700 who received administrative punishment. And under the tea and cake, we want to discuss this topic. "

Participation in the meeting was the policy that charges reclassified to a softer: Alexander Fyaduta, Andrey Dmitriev. Irina Khalip represented Lucyna Belzatskaya. One of those present, Vitaly Rymashevski, noted that the theme of solidarity for all of them will long remain relevant:

"I know that changing the article was the result of solidarity, including the international community. And I think that the fate of the prisoners depends largely on the people who are now on the loose. At least, I also do not feel at liberty. "

In discussing the problem of political prisoners and solidarity with, the meeting did not pass the theme terrorist attack in the Minsk metro and the possible impact of this incident on the fate of opposition politicians.

Sergei Wozniak, Anastasia Palazhanka, Alexander Fyaduta.

Anastasia Palazhanka
"Of course, it will have a strong influence on the relations between the authorities and the opposition, on the life of opposition. And it is clear that if something is going on in the country and is committed omission of special services, the result will always be at the opposition. "

In connection with the events in Minsk subway will be adjusted and further actions of opposition politicians said Sergei Wozniak:

"Indeed, on April 11 will affect the course of events. After all, political activists have called in for questioning, visit the home. Today I am a friend of Gomel also called and informed. And that's one of the problems that we need to discuss. And, perhaps, April 11 will also push us to adjust their actions. "

Another firm surprise that during their events traditionally held by "Tell the Truth", was a cake with a cream number for criminal prosecution — three hundred forty-second



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