Events predicted in 2012 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead

November 10, 2011 16:49

In this article, we describe the studies in which researchers compared the events on Earth, as predicted by the Egyptians for the year 9792 BC to those that had been predicted for 2012. In both cases, the version put forward that there is a change of the pole. Perhaps here lies the reason why there was the Flood 10-11 thousand years ago.

Versions of scientists about the possibility of such predictions for the events of 2012 by the ancient Egyptians divided. But you can not deny the fact that this particular civilization has achieved certain height in the study of mathematical sciences and astronomy. Modern humanity can not ask these questions, because the culture in ancient Sumeria and Egypt have many similarities. If they did not make sense, scientists, and would not be spending so much effort to match these prophecies. Similar data about the fate of modern humanity, there are among the Sumerian and Mayan civilizations.

To date, scientists are exploring two Egyptian books of the coming cataclysm, that are expected to occur in 2012. This refers to the Book of the Dead and the Kolbrin Bible. The ability of the Egyptians in the field of astronomy does not cause any doubt. Many centuries spent priests and astronomers of ancient Egypt in order to study in detail the star system, and also on the basis of the knowledge they predicted future events. They are a link between the tragic events on the planet in 9792 BC and those events that should occur in 2012. From the first date will be a transit of Venus across the constellation of Orion. The Egyptians believed that this event is very rare, namely, every 11,804 years. If they believe it is in 2012 that should happen again.

In the constellation of Orion the ancient Egyptians associated his belief that there is in fact the supreme god Osiris. They believed that it looks like a constellation, as he was the god of the underworld.

The inhabitants of ancient Egypt wrote about the two sets of two and a sunset that took place in 9792 BC For any scientist who studies these phenomena, it seems incredible, but to date, modern experts concluded that the possibility of such a case, but it is necessary that the abrupt change of the Earth's pole.

The question arises of this principle is the basis of the Flood, which describes the Bible? It is possible that the many scientists are right in their assumptions about the origin of the flood is 10-11 thousand years ago. This event is a huge scale and significance could only happen with the abrupt change of the poles of the Earth. Troubling contemporary scholars, that the description of events of the last centuries have a large number of similarities with the descriptions that the Egyptians did for 2012.

Results of research conducted by modern scientists, showed that in 2012, Orion and Aldebaran are in exactly the same position, which was specified in the calculation of the ancient Egyptians to 9792 BC It would be foolish to assume that this is just a coincidence. This is not the case when such events and the data on them can be matched, and the accident! Likely that the level of scientific knowledge that existed in ancient Egypt, not how much worse the modern, it is possible that even better. If the prophecies, which gave the ancient Egyptians on the events of 2012, to come true, the spiritual leaders give one piece of advice — to trust God's will, because scientists can not help you.

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