EVOLUTION X-47B. UCAS will develop into UCLASS

EVOLUTION X-47B. UCAS will develop into UCLASS
U.S. Navy announced plans for the creation of promising UAV reconnaissance and strike aircraft carrier based on programmke UCLASS (Unmanned Carrier Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike system), reported on July 5 mil.news.sina.com.cn.
UAVs of this type (figure shows the concept of Lockheed Martin — approx. «VP») entered service in 2020, at the lowest flight within 600 nautical miles (1111 km), the device must be in the air 24 hours, with refueling in the air is the same the duration of the flight must be maintained within 1200 nautical miles (2222 km).
Combat load will be 1360 kg, in the nomenclature are such as ASD JDAM munitions caliber 500 pounds.
In the near future the U.S. Navy occupied the best layout shock testing the X-47B UAV. Unit for the first time flew in 2011, May 14 did take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier CVN-77 George HW Bush. This UAV will be the basis for the creation of UCLASS.
Copa’s popsci.com reports that the U.S. Navy has no plans to adopt the X-47B made by programmke UCAS (Unmanned Combat Aerial System), this unit will be used to test technologies that could be directly to the inner compartment mining tools. New UCLASS will be as undistinguished as the X-47B and its combat radius and flight duration will exceed the ability of fighter F/A-18. It also reported that the latest generation of UAVs can be effective to counter threat from the Chinese anti-ship ballistic missiles, DF-21, because a large combat radius will allow drone aircraft carriers not to enter the affected area PKBR. Thought the project is to combine in one UAV reconnaissance and strike functions that will allow you to avoid using platforms for various purposes.

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