Exploration UK Tomlinson

Exploration UK Tomlinson
Recruitment to work

Each Institute of Oxford and Cambridge, and of other leading institutes of England had its own kind of recruiter Pilchard — teacher-protégé of MI6, the British Intelligence to seek out suitable candidates Recruiters Oxford and Cambridge in over a number of generations supplied MI6 budding patriots who they skillfully selected and prudently. But the system does not always work correctly — Philby, Burgess and Maclean were recruited by MI6 in the same way.

In the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst on the basis of unchanged recruiter works MI6, acting under the pseudonym ASSUMPTION. There’s still one recruiter, under the pseudonym PACKET, who works with the students of the number of foreigners and transmits MI6 information about those who may be used as informants. Agent PACKET, namely famous because in the 60s tried to recruit young cadet from Libya, whose name was Muammar Gaddafi.

After consent … a couple of weeks coming … letter on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth, some signed by Mr. ME HALLIDAY, invites … come for an interview at London SW1, Carlton Gardens, 3.

The interview … awarded for discovering and signing an excerpt of the Data Protection Act 1989 Reg Enigma, marked in the upper part of page «Not SECRET»; inscription was made reddish ink. Also greenish folder that contains about 30 pages in clear plastic covers, which explained that MI6 — is the English service of outdoor exploration, established the Foreign Office to obtain disk imaging of the hidden sources of political, military, economic and commercial activities of foreign countries . Two paragraphs give an idea of ​​the selection of future employees, which was actually similar to the procedure of recruitment to the Foreign Office, with the only difference being that in this case, the candidate had to undergo an additional round of interviews. Also describes procedures for checking the suitability of the candidate to serve in the organization and his personal life, and then outlines how it will build a career in MI6. Six months of preparation, the first trip abroad after 2 years of cabinet in London, then alternately three years house, three — abroad, and so on until retirement. Of mandatory retirement age for all employees — 55 years. At the end was presented pay scale. Salary employees MI6 did not go to any comparison with salaries in private companies, but to live on such funds could.

Aspects of selection

MI6 is a department of the Ministry of State service because future intelligence officers first must pass the same examinations as the endless stream of candidates in other municipal departments, whether it is the Foreign Ministry, the Treasury or the Ministry of Trade and Industry. But arriving at the service MI6 had been tested separately from the others, as early as this an early stage of selection of their identity was kept secret. Before the first test in the waiting room were sitting 6 candidates. He proposed a set of test response, similar to those that were published in the book is popular with the 1960s for those who want «to find out coefficient own intellectual development.»

Then he was given the usual test for knowledge of mathematics and the next, too easy, but it took even more time to check the abilities of writing. After lunch, the candidates in person a couple of questions discussed the current political situation with one of the employees of MI6 conduct examinations, and later gathered at the seminar group. Candidates were asked to submit their advice a British company engaged in the development of high technology, in which two engineers working on the exchange, have been convicted of espionage. The final step of the selection process — a long interview conducted by Commission employees MI6 — was held after a number of days in a house on Kardton Gardens. Candidate carefully questioned about the current situation in the country and abroad, the reasons why finding a job in MI6’s ambitious plans for the future, find out, whether the candidate really longs to dedicate his life to the service in intelligence. Candidate took a job in MI6, provided that he successfully pass the test for reliability — the last hurdle.

Many municipal employees requires admission form «security-cleared passed.» This means that during superficial investigation established that the person to criminal sanctions were imposed, not profess latest political views, free from alcoholic dependence and addiction to drugs, has no financial problems. Candidates MI6 exposed to more sorely tested and if successful it passes, get security clearance EPV-«checking their loyalty was.» This is a very labor-intensive process in which involved about 10 ka inspectors. Initially, information about the candidate requesting the database MI6 later databases MI5 and the Special Office of the Department of Criminal Investigation. Also carried out a credit check. First round of inspection is completed and the candidate is invited for an interview about his personal life with a fatherly person who has been entrusted with the case of the candidate. His political views are interested, contact with extremist organizations, both right and left-wing foreign links, related to alcohol and drugs. Details evaluated rigorously, but not because the past. Over recent years MI6 significantly lowered the requirements for their candidates. Yet only recently last member of such organizations as the Movement for Nuclear Disarmament, could not count on a place in the ranks of MI6, and now — please. Not rejected and those who once dabbled in drugs.

But checking the candidate does not believe in the word. He asks him to name eight people with whom the candidate was perfectly familiar in one or another period of his life after high school. All these people interviewed … Two months later, the applicant is sent in the ordinary envelope with a photocopy of the letter notifying me about allocation of the highest form of acceptance and invitation to work. On stamped paper reported MFA candidate just prescribed «Eager to arrive at Century House at Westminster Bridge Road, 100, 10.00. When you have a passport for himself. «


IONEC (initial training course employees intelligence) — the so-called training course for up to six months. Progress initial training course always keeps under control superiors, and of success or failure of that or any other rate depends upcoming career instructors.

We recruit a lot in common. Details virtually all monotonous, all Europeans, all male, all come from the middle class. All received the institute’s education, while almost all graduates of Oxford or Cambridge. Such heterogeneity recruits adequate and overall homogeneity employees MI6. Statistics intelligence recruitment refutes allegations of its representatives that their department provides all equal ability in hiring. During his service T. ladies were only 10% of total employees, blacks were not there, only the 1st officer was one of the parents of Asian descent: in the midst of civil servants had no 1st disabled, although suitable positions for them there great amount.

IONEC purpose is to prepare beginners to Professor level, the right to work in MI6 low administrative positions. Half of the classes held in the classroom. There candidates studied business management in the department, the theoretical framework of how to approach with the right people, recruit them, manipulate them and get their information, listened to stories about the transactions, communicate with other departments of the agency. Flowed to the rest of the teaching type Perfect Stranger.

The main training base is Fort IONEC Moncton, the largest and best preserved of the four coastal forts that were built by Henry VIII to protect Portsmouth harbor strategic concept of the French fleet. He is placed in an open, windswept southern tip of Gosport, it leads to a small zigzag road passing near the golf course. Officially called «Military school number 1», Fort served until 1956 training base engineering troops. When he became engineers no longer need it without noise to seize MI6. This transition in such secrecy that the supply department of the Ministry of Defence continues to pay maintenance Fort having no idea that the Ministry does not already own.

Get behind the thick walls of grayish stone can only drawbridge over the moat without water and protected through a gate leading to the central courtyard. Directly above the gate are luxury apartments, designed for Operations, often coming here. The other three sides of the courtyard are three main body: East Wing, Central and Western. Eastern is autonomous, there are bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bars. In the housing classrooms needed for the training of officers hidden services: gym, indoor shooting range, studio, technical workshops, laboratories and lecture halls. There is even a small museum in which are stored souvenirs from the control SOE-British intelligence agencies since the 2nd World War … and obsolete wartime spy equipment «cool.» For the east wing are a helipad and an outdoor shooting range for shooting with pistols and machine guns. Not forgotten and stay — on the west side has an outdoor tennis court and croquet lawn, indoor squash court.

Main Wing, located opposite the gate, is the home of candidates. Alcohol is of great importance in the life of MI6 and the instructors incited candidates to, to drink every evening. Soon the bar in the main wing, topped with military emblems and souvenirs operations SOE, became the center of unloading candidates.

Unpretentious building of yellow brick, located directly opposite the police station on the British High Street in Southwark, officially the municipal archive. In fact there nedavneshnego time to another school located MI6. During his studies, candidates spend one week in the Borough, the other — at the Fort. Attractions in Borough devoted Administrative and theoretical nuances of there instructors acquainted with the history of the candidates, the purpose and course of action department.

Staff and structure and «products» MI6

Together with South American CIA and Russian intelligence service MI6 has one of the few truly global intelligence network, but its staff of about 2,300 people, far less than the Russian and the Yankees. About 350 people are spies. About 800 are employed in the main technical and administrative work. Other staff — it’s a secretary, clerks, watchmen, cooks, drivers, cleaners and mechanics.

About half of the scouts and most of the technical staff are in London. Their main task — to support those who are working abroad, plan operations, to make the connection with foreign intelligence services and deliver intelligence to those who make decisions in Whitehall. Intelligence «products» MI6 called CX, an anachronism of those times when the Chef was Mansfield Cummings. Service was then hidden so that the reports of scouts did not go beyond the walls of MI6 and so were marked «Cummings only», abbreviated to CX. Intelligence is worthless if they are not to report to those who make decisions, and currently reports CX apply even bigger. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense are critical «customers», but the CX can get at least some government department, if the material has to do with it. Even some large British companies, such as «British Aerospace», «Shell», «British peytent», «British Airways» held in the state liaison officer MI6 receiving CX.

Residency MI6 in embassies

A huge part of the CX fleecing scouts who labored in British embassies under diplomatic roof. Usually they work in malehankih hidden sections in the embassy, ​​where are the so called residency. They have their own firmly secure communication with the Centre, the entrance to the post room staff only allowed MI6. These rooms are often checked for listening devices, and in almost all residencies have special «reliable» rooms for principal meetings.

In the world about fifty residencies. Their size reflects the significance of the host country for British interests. Residency in spy capitals of the world — Geneva, Moscow, New York and Hong Kong — may have in their composition to 5 scouts, three or four technical officers and half a dozen secretaries. In most of them in Western Europe there are two or three people, and in the 3rd world generally — one scout and secretary, although there are exceptions. In Jakarta, for example, three work as Indonesia — lucrative client for the British military industry in Lagos — also thanks to the three English intrigued by the oil industry in Nigeria. Chapter residency — usually a senior officer with excessive forty years, working under the guise of foreign affairs adviser to the Ministry. Usually, he was «marred» hidden service host country and engaged priemuschestvenno bond, other scouts mostly «nezasvecheny» and part of his time spying against the host country.

Some residency, for example in Moscow and Beijing have priemuschestvenno for spying host, others are not quite spy. Austria has no exciting secrets for Britain, but MI6 holds residency in Vienna great for spying on Iranian and Russian communities, and international trade instrument Atomic Energy Agency, placed in the districts of the town. Likewise, the New York residency, there is only then to control agents in the United Nations.

Residency assist from the Centre in London. In each there is a «P officer» engaged in «production», he defines its strategy and objectives, plans and manages the operations, manage the budget. «Rofitsery» rassredotachivaniem razvedproduktsii engaged customers. These P and R officers organized in pyramidal structures, «control», with a regional or multi-function center.


When T. joined MI6, there were seven departments, the biggest and strongest is the Eastern European and Western European. Middle East and Far East increased, while African and Western Hemisphere (Latin America and the Caribbean) decreased. Engaged in expanding global trade management tool, drug trafficking on a large scale and international money laundering.

Management form the «teeth» departments are grouped into product and rassredotachivaniya Directorate. Along with him, there are two large, massive Directorate, they do administrative management and technical support. Four directors of the Board of Control for producing the overall strategy and administration directorates; they commanded Operations.

Development and implementation of technical communication between agents is the responsibility of the department, called TOS / AC (Department of technical and operational support and communication with agents).

Special operations

Although the main activity of MI6 is to work with the agency, its Charter, called «book orders» requests from the scouts to possess the ability to plan and execute a «special operation» almost military nature. Officers MI6 not need military training to carry out these operations themselves. Their task — to outline the goals of the operation and to achieve the minister of foreign affairs of a political settlement. Then getting into the act officers and soldiers of all 3 branches of the armed forces.

Air Force provide a small group of 10-ka pilots called «Special Squad». Selected for their outstanding airmanship, most of the service already has experience in special purpose squadrons serving paratroopers and quatrains with commando units. They run transport planes «Hercules» C-130 helicopters «Puma», trained to fly on a variety of military and civilian aircraft. C-130 are used for delivery zabugornye residency or returning from the equipment, massive or very unsafe for transportation in diplomatic baggage. «Puma» used for transportation of MI6 officers and dignitaries of the UK, including the route between the Office and the Fort. This helicopter can often build up at the heliport in Battersea or over London during such operations, from everyday «Cougars» Air Force they differ bolshennymi navesnoymi tanks.

Army is a group of paratroopers regiment called RWW-«revolutionary militant wing», based in Herford, and the fleet — small boats division, located in Pula. In MI6 they do similar roles in the department and called the title «increment». To be applicable for service increment, the military should last more than 5 years and get the rank of sergeant. MI6 suits them tested and is working with them concise introductory course on the activities and objectives of the agency. If candidates have not obsess Increment art surveillance, the three-week course held at the Fort. In Herford and Poole their already substantial military prowess improved courses where they learn how to perform bombings and sabotage in complex criteria, new methods of protection of dignitaries and organizing guerrilla warfare. Work out new methods of planting, for example, parachuting from a great height with civilian aircraft landing or lurking submarine. Navigators receive the highest qualification and get on with their fabrications certificate names, for example the skipper of a merchant ship, giving them the opportunity to hire, for example, a fishing trawler.


Cryptography, called the students’ «invisible ink», still in the schematic Scouting, but modern technology harder «in a fountain pen with lemon juice», known for the magazine «Boyce’s Own.» There is a co-operative department of MI5 and MI6, has been developing and teaching new techniques kritografii. It employs three people. The department has a number of different techniques, but the way … which employees MI6 used everywhere is breathtakingly ordinary «offset» technique. As a huge number of inventions majestic, she was born the case.

First, the complexity of using invisible ink was that writing is not just written beheld. Were made visible ink that discolored soon after drying, but they left much to be desired because of deepening made pen, could find itself and storing specific ink could be evidence.

Prepyadstviya decision came suddenly in the midst of 1980, when the technician from the Department showed classical cryptography written report of the agent of. Contained a secret message on the back of an envelope with a secure «fake» inside the letter was sent from Moscow. When the technician processed envelope exhibiting liquid began to manifest secret message. But to his surprise, there were other little letters Cyrillic written by another hand and mirror inverted. Careful study showed that the address is in Kiev. But who was the recipient, and how was this inscription over the posts?

There was only one logical explanation … When the agent dropped the letter, the back of the envelope lay on another envelope. The address on the second envelope was written in ink, owning the opportunity to carry invisible chemicals to the paper in contact with her. The technician realized that the address written in pen, which just purchased. If you manage to establish that it’s still in the same pen, appears essentially normal and not suitable to serve as a means kritografii clue. MI6 organized periodic searches worldwide. It took a few weeks to find this magic pen — ballpoint «Penteli».

Database MI6

CCI-computerized system operational records of persons and objects of enthusiasm for intelligence MI6. CCI stores information about all the people with whom one of MI6 officers come into contact with the operational start collecting these data in 1945.

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