Explosions, smog and weather anomalies — the main thing for the Russians in the past 2010

Yandex announced the list of the most popular search queries in the past year

Russians have attracted the most attention explosions Moscow subway station on March 29 this year. In terrible tragedy killed 40 people, and about 90 were injured. This event is of interest to a lot of users, the peak number of requests rose past 950,000 a day.

The second most popular are forest fires in the central part of Russia, as well as the associated cloud of smog-shrouded Russia up to the Urals. In August, at the peak of choking from the smoke of half a million queries a day.

Surprises that threw a weather Russians this year, brought meteorological category queries to third. The same section Yandex included requests for air conditioners, fans, and other thermal equipment.

In the category of the most popular gadgets in the search engines have been requests for a new address controversial torrent tracker torrents.ru, MIA closed in the spring and moved to a different domain name. Curiously, among the devices took first place does not produce Apple — iPhone 4 and iPad, which attracted the attention of the press, and the communicator HTC Desire.

Source of illustrations: Yandex

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