February 1 — ancient Slavic holiday Gromnitsa

Gromnitsa — the only day in the winter, when the storm can happen — you can hear the thunder and see the lightning. Therefore his name Serbs "Svjetlo."

Dedicated Dodola-Malanitse (Lightning). She — a lightning protector and feeding children. In pre-Christian Russia, most children were born in February, because conceived in May on holiday Otmykanie Earth.

Dodola — the wife of the patriarch of the Old Slavonic Perun. They existed way back in the 4th millennium BC According to historical records, Perun — the son of Svarog, he used to go to Egypt and later of the rules. In honor of Perun was adopted titulature — pharaon — Pharaoh. The antiquity of the existence of four Dodola Perun and also proves the fact that their veneration spread to ancient India, where associated with the name "Indian" Thunder Indra. And, as established by geneticists and historians, ancient Rus conquered northern India in the 3rd millennium BC

Gromnitsa reminds us in the dead of winter that even the most terrible disasters can be a ray of light — like lightning in the middle of a fanatical middle of winter. There is always hope. So famous, Malanitsa that give us hope for spring!

In the ritual Dodola represented her priestess. Traces of this ritual can be seen from the Serbs in Aleksinachskom Pomoraví where dodolitsy — six girls aged 12 to 16 years: four sing, two represent Dodola (ancient God of Thunder) and Dodolitsu (his wife). And decorated with wreaths, pour water on them (which should make it rain), present them food. For dodolskih songs are characterized motifs otmykaniya gates (Bulgaria "Open the gates, domakina, Dodola oh!"), Songs about mildew (Serbian "Dodolitsa god moth Yes mi dear, Sitno dew!"), Etc.

"Oh Dodola-Dodolyushka,

Perunitsa light!

Your husband is in a campaign,

Steer voivod;

Diva in the woods,

Kryshen — in heaven.

Come down to the Slavs

Lightning zealous!

We have plenty of bread —

Come down to us from heaven!

We have plenty of salt —

Do not deprive us share!

Come down gromlivo,

Come down happily

Come down nicely —

Honest people to a miracle!

Dodola nice,

Given to the hope! "

There old Russian signs. What is the weather the first day — so is the whole February. Clear, sunny day — early spring. If the Gromnitsu drops — in early spring believe if blizzard Razgulyaev — long the blizzard weather, the whole carnival — a week Christmas holidays from 23 to 30 March.

Tatiana Volkova

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