Feed DVKD Vladivostok came to France

Golladsky tug EN AVANT 20 delivered the stern of the DVKD "Vladivostok" shipyard DCNS at the French port of Saint-Nazaire.
Aft was launched sudostroitelnvm Petersburg company "Baltic Shipyard" June 26, 2013.
It is part of Russia's first landing ship dock vertoletonosnogo "Vladivostok" (like "Mistral").

 According to the schedule after part of the first Russian vertoletonosnogo landing ship dock "Vladivostok" was to arrive there on July 24.
The ship, founded in France February 1, 2012, should go into service of the Russian Navy in 2014.
The second ship, "Sevastopol" is expected to receive the Navy in 2015.

  • Feed DVKD "Vladivostok" in the Strait of Le Mans
  • Feed DVKD "Vladivostok" in the Strait of Le Mans

As pointed out by representatives of the industrial group on shipbuilding and naval armament of France (Groupement Industriel des Constructions et Armements Navals — GICAN), the work carried out on schedule and there is no doubt that the Russian Navy will receive the first two ships in 2014 and 2015.

Their Unlike the French — mainly in the arms, above all — air, and landing craft.

As reported by several sources, at the insistence of the Russian Navy Command of the number of air groups in the Russian DVKD will almost double.
They will be able to take 30 Ka-52K "Alligator" and Ka-29 instead of the previously budgeted 16 helicopters.
This will greatly enhance the rate of fire and amphibious ships.
As part of air groups will be approximately the same number of each type of helicopter, although depending on the task their ratio may vary.

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