Fired legally refutation unnecessary, but the costs are paid

Brest Regional Court, considering a complaint Liauchuk Ales, a former correspondent for the public edition of "The Banner of Youth" in the Brest region, has decided to partially satisfy the complaints of a journalist.

The judge ruled that the dismissal was lawful, Ales not have to apologize and write a rebuttal, but must pay court costs and travel expenses of representatives of the publication. Total payout is about one million rubles.

According to the newspaper "The Banner of Youth", Olesya Liauchuk statements in the media about what was required of him in a negative way to describe events in the Square 2010, and later — that he is dismissed from this edition with political causes, damaged the reputation of the newspaper.

Editors sent a claim to the Court of the Moscow District of Brest. February 21 court sided with the newspaper and ordered the journalist to pay about one million rubles for the publication of denial and transportation costs. Ales Liauchuk disagreed and filed a complaint with the regional court.

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