First item disappears. Then there is — much more expensive

The wave of rising commodity prices continues. From products primarily Expensive oil, pasta, baby food, tea, coffee. Correspondents of the "Freedom" went shopping today and markets in different regions of Belarus.

Gomel Oblast

"Officials say that nothing is more expensive, and in stores observe quite different."

In Gomel, increased the price primarily on oil, pasta, baby food, tea, coffee.

Valentine: "The oil market is already 8500, the stores also rose — seven and a half thousand, 7400. And they say that we have nothing more expensive. And rice, and pasta — all more expensive by the day. On television, on the radio one speech that nothing is expensive, and in stores observe quite different. "

The woman says something in itself acquire the stock, "Alley bought a couple of bottles, flour, pasta."

The pensioner Galina recalls that recently has strongly increased the prices of meat products:

"Meat products rose strongly, oil. Sugar now costs 3600 rubles per kilogram, and has said that 11000 will be. Five kilograms of sugar taken when they said it would be the eleventh eggs also rose — different prices. There is nothing to be surprised — it all now growing. "

Young mothers are surprised that prices have grown and baby food, and coffee and tea.

Little by little, every day becomes more expensive, they even used to, not so worried.

Svetlana: "Even the baby mashed rose by 500 rubles — pureed fruit, which we take for children. Little by little, every day becomes more expensive, they even used to, no longer worried because, although it is a significant improvement, especially for mothers living on fiat — 296 thousand rubles. "

Svetlana girlfriend Elena, who is also playing in the street with a small child, said he was surprised by the new prices for coffee:

"Coffee yesterday surprised that much more expensive. Did not take a long time. So, rose beverages — tea and all that. "

Venerable age of citizen observes a pattern:

"Before the rise in price of everything is lost. Usually it is in stock, but before the price increase, as a rule, disappears from the shelves in the stores .. It is, it is, but is waiting for its new value. "

Vitebsk Region

People continue to take stock of sugar and butter

Consumer boom in the sugar and butter in the Vitebsk region is not as sensitive, but people still tend to accumulate these products. Valentine, who lives in a village near the Deep specifically traveled to the district center and bought sugar:

"I am deeply and received a pension, and bought 6 pounds. She wanted 10, but it is difficult to pull … So already bought only 6 pounds of sugar. And oil it will be necessary dial. But how much prices! I asked, they said — 7000. So it's a wow! And on TV saying that nothing will not go up. So how can this be! "

In Vitebsk oil on the shelves of stores and stands at 7, and 8, and 9000. The pensioner Galina Lyumarava says on TV talking only about a product, not the upgraded account, and a fortiori not about the quality:

"It's not the oil that I usually drink! Some kind, and the names unfamiliar. I have such would not have bought it, though in 5900 can be found. Then there is some kind of rape impurities, then with the smell of garlic or something else … I, when I want, garlic and she can crumble! . "

Galina Petrushenka from the village Kohanovo that Tolochinschine, said that with natural garlic can turn out more expensive — at least, cabbage and other vegetables have also risen:

Wages are not rising, pensions are not growing, but still more expensive …

"Our area is a little poorer, but grab everything! Sugar, butter and flour. Because they fear that the price will rise still more. The salaries do not grow, pensions are not growing, and all the more expensive. Oil already 11,000 worth. Cabbage and she went up, they are enraged cabbage. And the meat has risen in price. And even furniture — around 40%. "

Furniture and most industrial goods is now in demand. After all, people buy mostly food and the bare necessities of life, the businessman said Irina Yaskevich:

"Now buy washing powder and oil cloth for greenhouses — the essentials for spring planting, and in order to keep themselves clean. Well, now another season — so an adult is that there is, and the children are buying Seasonal adenne.Ale if last year we noted that the purchasing power has declined by 30%, now even hard to say how it went down. "

Therefore Vitebsk not encouraging shelves with goods on which there is no shortage — because the money to buy it all, either.


"Life gets to the edge of poverty"

In Brest had previously done a lot of food supplies, for fear of rising prices. Caution was not in vain. In fact, each week the price tags in stores, the increment. In this case, retirees say they have already reached the limit of poverty.

Maria, a resident of Brest, after reports of an increasing stock prices made the butter, sugar. But, she says, is against this background acutely released its neighbor, pensioner, which is not something that can not be purchased on the supply of food, and generally just live on his meager pension:

Food pensioner — 5 potatoes a week.

"People are already starving. Half-starved go. As far as I know, my neighbor can afford only five of potatoes a week. And prices continue to rise. I call a friend from Minsk and told me that the oil is already on store shelves 11000. Of course, people collect money and are afraid of losing them. Revenues in our society are slim. To live is difficult. "

Nicholas, a resident of Brest, said that during the week, prices in stores may increase several times. For each time have to reallocate your budget:

"Acquiring this is not as necessary, and if possible, but it's mostly just food. It seems to me that the economy is going through a major crisis, which the authorities can not cope. After all, the same can not be that prices increased each month. But not even a month — four days ago I was in the store, and the prices were very different than before, but now the prices have increased again. "

It has become customary that when it comes to price increases, the first thing they say about buckwheat, butter, sugar. But brestchan relevant now become the talk and the price of vegetables. The country, which supposedly great importance on agriculture, can not provide the population with cheap vegetable production, says Svetlana:

"Vegetables have become very expensive. About us say, that we grow a lot of the same potatoes. Even stereotypes in this respect there. But potatoes have a very cheap, the same can be said about the carrots. I am certain that these products are practically inaccessible to the pensioners. "

Authorities convince people that the price increase will not be. But citizens do not trust the word. Even if not now, after planting or harvesting season prices start rising again, says a young mother Irina:

"People around the belief that prices will rise. Therefore, seeking to buy possible more at lower prices. And they happen to be right. Everything becomes more expensive — oil, now even vodka. I am convinced that the price of sugar will rise too. Perhaps not now, but with the new crop — for sure. "


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