Five-foot alligator in the Brazilian rain brought into the living room

AlligatorsResidents of the state of Pará in northern Brazil were forced to seek help from a rescue after finding in the living room of his house live alligator about five feet long, was reported in local media.

The reptile was found behind the sofa in the living room. Rescuers were able to immobilize the animal before it could cause any harm to people.

According to experts, an alligator was perfectly healthy. Biologists believe that he could get into the house with rain water.

On the eve of the region was a powerful shower, resulting in rose water in the rivers were flooded several residential neighborhoods.

Alligators or shirokomordye caimans (Caiman latirostris) are common in the fresh waters of the Brazilian tropics. Near water, and after heavy rains they are often found even on the busy streets of big cities. In 2007, in Rio de Janeiro issued an alligator over to one of the ocean beaches, where at that time there were many tourists. By sheer luck if no one was hurt. Reliable statistics on the number of attacks on people of these animals do not.

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