Flying Easter Egg — an unusual UFO seen from a plane on April 7

April 10, 2012 16:58

On the eve of April 7 the Catholic Easter, the video appeared on the Internet about flying UFO filmed unknown passenger aircraft. Movie would have remained unnoticed if imprinted UFO had egg shape, which allowed a number of media to talk about the miracle of Easter.

See the egg on the record is difficult, it is clear only that it is silver. Tricky is determining the size of the object, unless, of course, to suggest that he — not the size of the potato, which is most often used to create fake video about UFOs. Sam Internet user to post video of UFOs does not claim authorship, but merely encourages witnesses paranormal send him videosvidetelstva for publication and discussion. It is worth noting that almost all of the users commenting on a video of the 'flying eggs "tend not to believe in their extraterrestrial origin.

If you look on Youtube, it can be concluded that on the eve of the holy festival world is literally attacked by "flying Easter eggs." Thus, the fourth day of April has been posted a video of a silver egg-shaped UFO accompanying plane taking off from Canberra. On March 18 there was a record of all the same "egg", flying by plane from Amsterdam.

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