Freedom House: Belarus — a country with a non-free internet

Today, the human rights organization Freedom House has published its report on the state of freedom of Internet use in 2009-2010. in 37 countries around the world ("Freedom on the Net 2011"). Belarus was among the 11 countries that use the Internet as outlined unfree.

In a detailed report on the situation in Belarus Interactive Services report noted that the country has about 27% of the population uses the Internet. They also report that the use of the global network of prices in Belarus more.

Belarus, according to the report, one of those countries where there is censorship of political and social networks and pytannyavu happen blockade disadvantageous to the government sites. In Belarus, opposition websites are subject to frequent kiberatakav. Centralized state control over the country's connection to the international Internet traffic also allows Belarusian authorities restrict access to her disadvantage Interactive resources.

Together with Belarus to the group of non-free access to the internet, according to Freedom House, owned by Thailand, Bahrain, Etyepiya, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Tunisia, China, Cuba, Burma and Iran.

Classifications state internetnay freedom Freedom House held on a 100-indulge scale, taking into account three parameters: the obstacles to access (0-25 points), the restrictions on the content (0-35 points), the violation of the rights of users (0-40 points).

Belarus, expert judgment Freedom House, scored 69 points and was on the 29th place among 37 countries surveyed.

Estonia has won first place in the ranking, received 10 points. In second place — the United States with 13 points.

Iran with 89 points was in last place.

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