Full Flight Simulators for the crews of helicopters Mi-28N and Mi-35M

Specialized simulator crew of the Mi-28N is designed to CSTS "Dynamics" in 2009 for the Ministry of Defense.

The simulator is designed for teaching and training of flight personnel on basic tasks related to piloting, navigation and combat use of helicopters Mi-28N.

The main methodological possibilities simulator includes instruction in piloting the full range of altitudes and speeds, including the use of night vision goggles, working off the shuttle flight instrument with flight control and navigation systems, applications to drill standard weapons, working off the crew in special cases, the flight; Crew work out cooperation in solving problems of piloting, navigation and combat use, etc.

The simulator is fully real interior cabins commander and pilot-operator, a real environment with the standard instrumentation panels and controls. The visual system simulator based on computer image synthesis vnekabinnoy environment and includes a six-channel spherical projection-screen complex with angles of 140? horizontally and 62? vertical thermal imaging system simulator of the survey area and imitator of night vision goggles with virtual reality glasses and magnetic tracker.

Integrated simulator crew of the Mi-35M

Integrated simulator is designed for training and maintaining the required level of training of helicopter Mi-35 in accordance with the approved training programs, as well as re-training at the helicopter crews of other types of aircraft cabin interior is completely real, in a real environment with the standard instrument panels and bodies management.

The simulator allows Exercises crews in-house operational flight conditions, with vigorous maneuvering and flight performance in all kinds of special circumstances created by failures of aircraft, pilot technique errors and adverse weather conditions for the flight, both day and night in all phases of flight.

The visual system simulator: six-spherical projection screen system that provides viewing angles FOV (140 ° H x 62 ° V) horizontally and vertically; computer image synthesis vnekabinnoy situation (resolution of 1600×1200 pixels, the frame rate is not less than 50 Hz). imitator of the thermal imaging system review areas; imitator of night vision goggles with virtual reality glasses and optical tracker.

The simulator was developed in cooperation with JSC "Mil Moscow. ML Mile "," Rostvertol "TsAGI. NE Zhukovsky, LLC "Constant-Design".

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