Futurologists foretold us an era of total communication and loneliness

January 22, 2012 22:11

Scientists believe that there will come worsening deep loneliness in an era of total communication.

Scientists believe that there will come worsening deep loneliness in an era of total communication.

Experts in various fields of science and futurologists forecast given 50 years.
Of course, most of the predictions associated with the development of digital technology. And, really, do not go to a fortune — you can see how technology is improving by leaps and bounds. Already penetrates man — chips and artificial organs. But the day will come when you will not know where it ends and begins the computer yourself.

The advent of cyborgs known futurist Ray Kurzweil appointed in 2045.

But how is eternal "figure"? Interesting opinion expressed on this Australian philosopher Richard Watson in his new book "The Future Files: a history the next 50 years": "As far as the" era of the numbers, "that few of us think about what we are going through a sort of 'dark age digital era. " What we are now so carefully save, will be virtually unreadable to future generations.

Here I am holding the tattered family album.

Let's say it a hundred years. Picture of a century ago is quite unintelligible. And here lies a pile of floppy disks early 1990's. The fact that these diskettes stored, will not be able to play any modern device. If this little thing, here today, NASA can not read some of the entries made during the flight to Mars Station "Viking" in 1976. And the BBC can not read a digital copy of the "Book of Judgement", which they produced in 1986 for the 900th anniversary of the original. While this is the original — the actual book — is still quite readable, and … That's it. Think about it and think about it. "

That will come next, told experts in various fields of science and futurologists. Some of them were guests of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the past year. So, how to change our lives?

1.Po price of the car we will buy their own copy — android

At the recent summit of futurists in New York, the initiator of the Strategic social movement "Russia 2045" and corporations "Immortality" Dmitry Itskov promised that by 2015 Russia will have the first "Avatar" (see "KP" for 07.04 and 28.11.2011 and Online kp.ru).

— This is a copy of a person operating via "brain — the computer", as in the film "Surrogates" with Bruce Willis, — explained Dmitry. — In this sci-fi action movie people got into the capsule, put on a helmet with sensors and strength of nerve impulses run your android — with full presence. We estimate that in 2020 we will be able to create an artificial body, which will be publicly available and easy to operate, such as cars. And in 2045 years will be to create a body-hologram that can be projected anywhere in the world and which will be transferred to consciousness.

2. Stop aging, taking special drugs

Renowned British gerontologist from Cambridge Aubrey de Grey told "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "I know how to prolong human life up to 1000 years old age and win!" (See "KP" for 22/09/2011 and online kp.ru). The scientist has assured us that there is a real opportunity to create a drug that has, as a tablet dipyrone — and younger.

— The composition of the miracle drugs will include stem cells — shared secrets Aubrey. — And also — special substances that stimulate the immune system, restores elasticity and cause unwanted cells cells "commit suicide." Still — peptides or called beta-breakers that will eliminate plaque accumulated between the cells. Telomerase — an enzyme that determines the rate of biological aging of cells. And a lot of enzymes that will break down intracellular debris, for example, borrowing them from certain bacteria.

Aubrey has promised mass production medicine of old age in 2025.

3.Samye vivid sexual feelings we write and play back on the stick when it becomes sad

In 2030, we will be able to apply to the skin electronics, which will record the signals of the nervous system during sex and then play them again at any moment.

— This will help special sensors that can detect and recreate in the form of a special card incentives, creating a sense of kisses and hugs — promises British futurologist Ian Pearson. — And then, at your command, these sensors will stimulate the nervous system, causing the illusion of pressure, heat and motion. It will be possible to record and sell sensation celebrities. Pornography and masturbation recede into the past.

And then, according to the plans of Pearson, the chips can be implanted into the brain. And to have an orgasm at any time and in any place.

4.Myslenno will communicate with your computer and your friends from social networks

The most fantastic weather gave specialists IBM: people possess telepathy. But it is not magic, and technical.

— Today paralyzed patient implanted into the brain circuits in which they are trained force thought to write emails, play video games and surf the Internet, — explains the prediction Professor Kendrick Kay. — And in the next five years we will see a proliferation of 'telepathic' technology in the gaming and entertainment industry. In addition, physicians will be able to use this method to study the brain, and possibly for the rehabilitation of patients after stroke, and studies of brain disorders such as autism.

And by 2050, all combined into one global network: the film industry, pharmacology, computer industry and the science of the brain will become one. So scientists suggest the man "total space and endless possibilities for fun and self-expression."

5.Zaryadim mobile energy of his own body

IBM experts believe that in five years people will be able to produce energy from almost everything that surrounds it, as well as from his own body. This will be called "personal power". According to scientists, anything that moves or produces heat has the potential to create energy. This could be a walk, jogging, cycling, the heat from the computer.

For example, Americans are already working on the invention, which allows to turn practically every person in the charger for portable gadgets. Georgia Institute of Technology developed clothing that will energize mobile phones and other small devices. To do this in T-shirts and jeans, put them mikrosuperkondensatory. New device built into the fabric, it will be enough light vibrations to turn them into an electric current, suitable for maintenance of the attached to the clothing of small devices.

Charging mobile place already on the beats of the heart, from the steps of a person or a weak breeze. For this fit even the noise passing cars or loud conversation over a glass of cheerful friends at the bar. To achieve these results, the scientists resort to the piezoelectric, that is, to those materials which are liable to deformation (for example, under the influence of a sound wave) to induce an electric charge.

Generate electricity to be stored in the built-in clothes mikrosuperkondensatorah. Scientists believe that soon these capacitors will replace conventional batteries.

6.Select profession and get rid of the disease, knowing that nature is written in our genes

In 2012 will be decoded genomes of about three thousand people belonging to different nationalities and races. In comparison, only a few years ago the number of complete genomes decoded was a few dozen. And by 2025 everyone will be recorded on the flash drive with it its own genome — it will replace the medical card. After decoding of hundreds of thousands of pieces of DNA strongly cheaper. In 2009, a complete map of the genome was worth a million dollars, then in 13 years it will cost only $ 200.

For this ambitious task took participants of the project "1000 Genomes» (The 1000 Genomes Project). Its main goal — to find and describe more than 95% of genetic variations that occur in people with a frequency greater than 1%. Complete catalog of genetic changes will be the basis of the forecast of future disease in the unborn child, the complete eradication of deadly diseases, and — anticipating future capabilities as intelligent and professional.

7. And become very lonely

Australian philosopher and fugurolog Richard Watson sure come worsening deep loneliness in an era of total communication and connection of everything with everything.

Svetlana KUZINA

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