G.Lepin: Construction of a new nuclear power plant in Belarus — is a crime

April 26 world marks a dramatic date — the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. This — the largest nuclear disaster in history. Its consequences are destroying for Belarus. Guest of Liberty — a specialist in the field of safety of nuclear technology, Professor George Lepine.

RakytskyyGeorge F., the years after the Chernobyl disaster, you and the democratic community go out to Chernobyl Way to and in such a way to bring government to the consequences of the disaster, which is still unresolved. In This year, Chernobyl Way is not allowed, only allowed the rally. What do you think, why? And will you take part in a rally?

Lepine: Participation will be taking necessary. Of course, with great regret that we learned that the leadership of the country has banned the march — it was to exclusively peaceful march in memory of the events that took place 25 years ago, about the people who have suffered as a result of those events — dead or turned off Disabled … All of our Belarus in fact became the Chernobyl Country. It is hard to find in this country at least one person who would be in some degree not experienced the impact of the Chernobyl tragedy. Therefore, such a management decision taken by us with just indignation. State somehow afraid of their own citizens. It's scary, outrageous. Recent events suggest that people are beginning to shift, begins to realize that this situation, which is now emerging in the country — it is unacceptable.

Rakytskyy: What do you primarily as a specialist concerned and 25 years after the Chernobyl accident in the aftermath of her for Belarus? What would like to state authorities require it?

Lepine: First, Belarus suffered more than any country in the world from the effects of Chernobyl radiation — more than 70 percent of all emissions fell on the territory of Belarus. But the country is essentially refused to Chernobyl victims in what else cares about them. Chernobyl law in Belarus virtually none. So, these people are left to fend for themselves. They have the right to be ill, to die without any care of the state. This is the most disgusting — is the government's attitude to the people who deserve to take care of yourself in any other state.

Rakytskyy: Chernobyl. Now the Japanese Fukushima. Ominous signs of humanity. It is, in spite of this, so to speak, warnings today to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus?

Lepine: What happened today in Japan, said that nuclear power plants on their own — it's very dangerous objects. If on-site Fukushima were regular, non-nuclear power plants, then nothing bad happen to not be, because any thermal station in this case would simply be plugged without any consequences. A nuclear power station in such cases lead to disaster. It happened at Three Mile Island, on the other nuclear power stations, and finally happened in Japan — a country where the maintenance of nuclear facilities took place at the highest level. But even that did not help. There have been devastating manifestations of the nuclear power industry. And in this regard, attempts to create a nuclear power plant in Belarus look just sacrilege. Given that our people have suffered the most from the nuclear power industry, we try to create a nuclear power station — is a crime, and our people are against this next crime.



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