Gazeta Wyborcza — in defense of Andrei Poczobut

"We demand the immediate release of Andrzej Poczobut and the withdrawal of all charges against him," — said in an appeal of the Polish edition of "Gazeta Wyborcza", which is a correspondent for the Belarusian journalist Andrzej Poczobut.

Now he is in remand Grodno prison. His colleagues called false accusations "against the journalist who carried out his duties in good faith."

In his address, editing notes that Pochobut allegedly insulted President Lukashenko in eight papers on the "Wyborcza" and two comments on the Internet, for which he faces two years conclusion. Even more — four years in prison for threatening him that he was "committed libel." However, the KGB and the Prosecutor's Office did not specifically reported, why did you decide that the journalist had violated the law. "So now look democracy and freedom of speech in Belarus" — sums up the Polish journalists.

"Why Andrei Poczobut continue to keep behind bars? Because" the government in Minsk afraid of his courage, and a sober assessment of nyazlomnastsi Situation in Belarus, which is expressed in the pages of "Newspapers" — said in an editorial on the draft. — Repression also affect his wife and two small children Pochobut. Their "fault" that they are the family of a journalist who was not going anywhere to get away and was on every call investigators. Since the Soviet authorities acted in Stalin's time, "- summarize counterpart Andrei Poczobut.

Appeal "Gazeta Wyborcza" sent to international media organizations, organizations involved in the protection Human Rights, in the foreign media and politicians. If by him shall be gathered signatures, it will be given to the Belarusian Embassy in Warsaw.

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