Georezonatory — energy mazes

In the middle of summer in Perm will be the third All-Russian Conference of researchers unknown. On this day, Perm, and then anomalous zone Molebka visit many ufologists, both from Russia and around the world. But this conference will be notable not respected actors, but an attempt to recreate the ancient technology of building stone labyrinth, analogues of which can be found in Karelia. Are always wonders attributed stone labyrinth Karelia here and ancient magic rituals and stone observatory, and even the gates to another dimension. What researchers want to recreate from Perm. For the answer "Steps" asked the sponsors RUFORS Director Nikolai Subbotin.

DS: Nicholas, so that you are going to build in the center Molebskoy anomalous zone?

NS: This year, we decided to recreate the experiment that no one engages in at least several thousand years. Studying the monuments of ancient civilizations during the filming of "Hyperborea: the forgotten history of" our team is interested in a system of stone labyrinths, which can be found in abundance in Karelia. Labyrinths are complex spiral patterns, lined with stones, the diameter of some labyrinth is 30 feet!


The structure of the labyrinth seemed very familiar, until I remembered that he had seen a similar pattern on a flat magnetic antenna, which is attached in the form of squares on the goods in the shops — are carried by such a purchase through a metal detector — the antenna comes in excitement and an alarm! Perhaps labyrinths were also huge passive antennas?

I studied the situation of the labyrinths was surprised to find that many of them are at places crustal faults. Faults themselves are already excellent conductors of different waves and fields coming from the depths of the earth. This suggests that the maze set over them, playing the role of amplifiers?

But the most interesting and unexpected discovery came just a few months ago. It turned out that the scheme stone labyrinths almost exactly the same as the structure of the longitudinal section of the brain! To confirm this hypothesis, I combined with a computer circuit labyrinth and a cut of the brain — they coincided almost completely! Stone labyrinth in detail repeating sections of the brain, its main centers. Perhaps between stone maze and the man who stood in the center, or rather its brain, arose a certain resonance. Ie enhanced maze energy subsurface intensified brain, forcing him to work in the new, stronger mode.

Molebka anomalous zone is best suited for such an experiment, the first place: in itself it is a very strong geomagnetic anomaly, secondly, the whole area is on Sete megatreschenovatosti faults, leaving the crust a few kilometers. It is an ideal testing ground for such an experiment, and build stone labyrinth last civilization!

There is another opening, that would have run the maze — a special verbal code, which allows you to run like a key resonance processes, activating the "portal"! This is our most important discovery, which we also want to try to Molebka.
DS: What do you expect to gain from ongoing experiments?

NS: First of all, we want to validate our hypothesis: are the ancient stone labyrinths geomagnetic antennas — as we call them conditionally — georezonatorami! For this we will use a special test equipment that will capture the slightest changes in the electromagnetic field, distortion RF field and control other physical parameters of space. The experiment will involve people with high sensitivity sensitivity — psychics biolokatorschiki, nymphs, they will help us to monitor the activity of georezonatora if the experiment succeed. They will take part in the most important and critical part of the experiment — a test of the stone labyrinth on volunteers, anyone can get to the center georezonatora and to listen to their feelings.

We have successfully chosen the experiment. Ancient myths and legends tell that witches danced in the center of the stone labyrinths in the moonlight, that is during active phases of the moon. One of these phases as time gets on our georezonatora construction time, which increases the success of our experiment.

We hope that, if successful, could help researchers georezonator visiting anomalous zone develop the latent abilities, enhance creativity, conduct health improvement! Of course, to work with such a complex system needs some preparation, but we are ready to share our experience with all interested in people.

DS: Are you afraid that your researchers will be in a different dimension, or visitors from other worlds, perhaps in our world?

NS: I think the fear is not worth it. We are not so well understood the sacred technologies of our ancestors to have such a strong impact on the environment and the parallel space. Of course, you can not rule it out, and if there is a risk we are willing to destroy the labyrinth.

Georezonatory - information systems of our ancestors
DS: What are these labyrinths were built by our ancestors and share the most interesting version?

NS: My personal opinion based on some experience of analysis of myths, legends, and ethnographic information, research ancient scholars — labyrinths were often the system to gain psychic abilities of shamans, witches, warlocks (they were called by various names). With labyrinth georezonatorov our ancestors could not only develop their abilities, but also to manage the space, to communicate with other continents. Perhaps georezonatory allowed to defend the land of our ancestors. Technology of past civilizations — Atlanta, Hyperboreans, Biarm — seems to have been based on some resonance laws, that is why the legends left many references to the fact that shamans sing those songs and stones began to fly, the stories of sonic weapons, special spells, which helped to control the weather, stop the enemy troops, taking a person at greater distances. Now this knowledge is completely lost, leaving only crumbs mention of them in mythology.

If we talk about the world's labyrinth, among the most famous include Egyptian, Cretan, mazes on the islands of Samos and Lemnos in the Mediterranean Sea, referred to by the Greek historian Pliny. In India, the maze is in the temple Hapebt in Mysore, in China, the mazes were built at the entrance to every town and rage building. Residents of China believed that maze save them from evil spirits. In Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea is more than 600 stone labyrinths.

Even such ancient structures as the arch, Stonehenge, cromlech in Yakutia and other sacred sites are built in accordance with the architecture of ancient stone labyrinths of our ancestors.
But these later labyrinths made in a circular spiral pattern, in which, as a rule, the spiral is wound counterclockwise, I believe reflects a more ancient knowledge about georezonansnyh space management systems and mental abilities of our ancestors. Later civilizations, losing the basis of the sacred knowledge, only primitive repeated architectural performance georezonatorov, forgetting about their true purpose.

DS: What are the sources you gather information about the technology of creating such a maze?

NS: Our research station RUFORS about 20 years collecting rare and ancient books. Our e-library contains about 25,000 volume, chronicles, letters from the 16th to 19th centuries. We are constantly sharing with libraries around the world. This unique historical material allows for extensive research to find many forgotten facts and events. It is this archive is the main information base, as well as communication with the direct bearers of ancient knowledge, which we are looking for worldwide. Can not say that about the ancient techniques we found in a particular place. This gleanings, like puzzle pieces, connecting which for several years, we were able to get a holistic view of many of the "technologies" and the system miropredstavleniya our ancestors. This work is incredibly interesting, but also associated with certain difficulties, the ancient knowledge still closely guarded by the Initiates, the possession of it — it is a huge responsibility!

Interviewed by Dmitry Sokolov

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