Gift and charging talismans

Amulet display their properties are not only depending on what the person wearing it, but also in connection with the terms on which he went to the owner.

Stolen amulet or talisman brings only misery, even if it repeatedly outbid. Many years later, having got to a very nice man, a talisman may begin to show their miraculous properties.

In this connection I want to caution you against buying antiques, the history of which you know nothing. After laundering the stolen mascot lasts for generations.

Mascots, store-bought for themselves, are beginning to show their properties are not earlier than in two or three years. Only donated or switched inherited charms — always excellent and reliable charms.

If you decide to give someone the precious talisman, do it with love. Imagine that this person is lucky that he is happy, healthy and loved. Put into this gift all the best feelings. And make no mistake: this positive energy will help you. After all the good we do comes back to us, three times multiplied.

You can also perform an act of mutual giving. It will help you if you want to do some thing you liked bestowed mascot. Agree with some of your friends on the mutual donation, send money to each other for the coveted purchase.

But it also happens that the man does not want to give you something, but pretends to be happy gives you the right thing, wanting to look good in your eyes and kind. If you feel this, then, before charging this thing and use it, it must be pre-cleared. The same should be done with any amulets you bought, because you do not know in whose hands he had visited and what it energy.

Any gift can bring happiness or failure, depending on the feeling with which it was made.

Gift made with joy and love, can give us the strength and spiritual power, to mitigate our negative traits and reinforce all the good that is in us. And that is required of this talisman

Now, the process of charging the talisman povedany to us, which he got from the Veda people:

choose a sunny day
Rinse Ward in acetic salt water
rinse solution with oborega in running water
not so concerned warding another body, the earth and a metal
put on in the morning sun on a wooden board
If possible, turn every 2 hours
so it is up to 16.00 (from 16 to 17 — the strongest activation of the body)
then go out into the street, facing north
Ward man takes in his right hand woman to the left
take a breath and imagine that the sun is a glimmer of you in the crown
in the solar plexus to collect energy
at the end of inspiration to breath hold 3-5 seconds
then mentally release energy through the right hand into his right fist on the exhale
When exhalation ends whisper say, but to hear themselves
"Reality Rules of Glory"
and so 3 times in a row
then shift the ward to the other hand and repeat the same
after, Ward squeeze between your hands and press down to the solar plexus
repeat the above procedure, exhaling through your hands 2 times
the third time, take the right hand amulet and press to the solar plexus
breath, delay, exhale and say, "Praise reality of rights"

only 9 times
after that it is activated by you
dress up and wear, it is advisable to body

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