Gomeltransneft Polatsaktransnaftu and prepare for privatization

The State Property Committee of Belarus plans in May to complete the assessment of the assets of Belarusian companies — operators of transport of oil, "Gomeltransneft" and "Polatsaktransnafta."

Chairman of the State Property Committee Georgy Kuznetsov explained that the evaluation of a business — preparing for the privatization of these companies.

Kuznetsov said that the evaluation does not attract foreign independent appraisers. "We in Belarus is certified appraisers, their qualifications and competence are sufficient to carry out the work," — said Kuznetsov.

He said that "Gomeltransneft" and "Polatsaktransnafta" are not included in the privatization plan for 2011-2013.

"Then we will decide to include them in the privatization plan or not. Can be madeon the order of the head of state of this plan include, "- said Kuznetsov Interfax.

He added, Now that investors are not too interested in the assets of oil transport company: "Some bastard ago — two years ago — the interest was high, and now — no, not too interested," — said Georgy Kuznetsov.

After 2010 SOEs' Gomeltransneft "and" Novopolotsk Republican Unitary Enterprise for Oil Transport "Friendship" were transformed into joint-stock company with 100% state share.

After corporatization "Friendship" was given a new name — JSC "Polatsaktransnafta Friendship."

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