Harbingers of disaster

During the tsunami that devastated the coast of nine Asian countries in December 2004, amid huge casualties (killed 300 thousand people) suffered very few animals. What is the explanation? Hypotheses, a great many. Interest and the public, and scientists is enormous. This is despite the fact that the proactive response of living beings on the impending natural disaster seen by people for a long time.

The first documented example of his age — he refers to the two thousandth BC. It says that on the island of Crete to the strongest earthquake affection left human settlements.

China has long been an omen of disaster was the appearance on the surface of the earth snake coils. This sign of the Chinese visionaries and guided when in November 1920 predicted a major earthquake. Despite the fact that many knew in advance about the tragedy, the human toll was still significant. Power quake was 8.6 on the Richter scale.

Even after the first tremor swept from the face of the earth were fragile dwelling Chinese. In one minute, gone 10 ancient cities. On that day, killing more than 180,000 people. Another 20,000 people have died later from the cold, because all the houses were destroyed and people had no place to take shelter from the cold. Situation caused by the major earthquake that has been complicated by the ensuing landslide.

History repeated itself in 1975, when China was strong Hainan earthquake with 7.3 magnitude amplitude. On the eve of disaster on the soil surface of the holes again climbed the snake that in winter look very strange, because it was winter in the yard, that is the time when reptiles are supposed to be in deep hibernation. This phenomenon is accompanied by a number of minor ground vibrations. During January 1975 the number of reports about the strange behavior of the animals increased. Now the cattle and refused to go to the stables. And then it was taken the unprecedented decision to evacuate the city of Hainan, which in February of that year, was completely wiped out by a catastrophic earthquake vosmiballnym.

In the history of seismology, it is virtually the only earthquake that could predict and save the lives of 400,000 citizens. The uniqueness of this forecast and the fact that it was based on the observation biopredvestnikami.

Japanese scientists to observe the behavior of crocodiles in the nursery on the island of Honshu, observed that the major earthquake in the central part of the island, which occurred December 17, 1987, crocodile suddenly made a real "concert." Dozens of anxious individuals and growled, bending arc, performed an intricate dance.

To study the behavior of animals before the earthquake, in order to understand the reasons for the described behavior is difficult: large earthquakes are relatively rare, and seismologists predict a mixed success. However, in one case, luck still smiled researchers. We are talking about the earthquake in L'Aquila (Italy), which occurred in 2009. Shortly before that, the local toad every one left the water. This led scientists to believe that before the earthquake changed the composition of groundwater and soil water in the first place can be felt just by those who live in caves and in water.

Scientists have explained this phenomenon. Earthquake has a certain period of training, during which the earth's rock layers may experience strain due to growing pressure to break down, etc. This is not a full-fledged earthquake, but the destruction and deformation of rock lead to the release of certain chemicals. Coming out into the open, they react with the air and cause the appearance in it of positively charged ions. These ions themselves can influence the state of living organisms.

If the behavior of reptiles, scientists figured out that with a premonition of disaster other animals is more complicated. After the Spitak earthquake in Armenia, which occurred in 1988, has become widely known story of Alice and her husky owner Garibyanom of Leninakan. Morning of December 7, two hours before the earthquake, the owner brought the dog for a walk, but back in the house to return Alice refused, eerie howling and barking. Horrified owner called the police, the city council, on the radio, and everywhere he ridiculed. Just in case Garibyan decided to pull out of the house for his family and offered to do the same neighbors. And for good reason, since it is the time of the city and collapsed element.

General history of XX century shows that animals can predict not only the earthquake and tsunami. There are cases when the animals leave the valley, in anticipation of an avalanche, and during the Second World War, when the sky at any moment could fall death, cats often saved their owners. Black and white cat named Sally, who lived near the London Docklands, a highly sophisticated warning system, using which its owner and neighbors are in the shelter before the bombs began to fall. Feeling that the raid near, Sally ran to the bar in the lobby, which hung mask, and began aggressively pounding his front legs, and then returned to her mistress, and received her scratching. She then rushed into the yard and began scratching at the door shelters. Once, when the hostess came to the shelter, Sally jumped over the fence and ran into the yard to the neighbors and started meowing loudly, attracting their attention. Only when all were in the shelter, Sally relaxed, curled up and went to sleep peacefully.

Here are some more amazing "geochuvstvitelnosti" our little.

After the events of December 2004 the lighthouse keeper in South India told how a few hours before the tsunami herd of antelopes fled in panic from the coast of the surrounding hills. Sensing the tsunami in Thailand, elephants screaming, breaking the chain and run away to the hills, flamingos left lowlands, which are traditionally live and feed, and flew on the hill. A few hours before the tsunami in Malaysian zoo, all animals behaved very strangely, most of them raced to their homes and refused to leave. In Sri Lanka, the tsunami killed more than 30,000 people, including nearly all survived elephants, deer and other wild animals. Of the 2,000 inhabitants of one of the Indian reserves in the tsunami of December 2004 killed only one wild boar.

American biologists suggest that 12 hours before the arrival of Hurricane Charley in Florida 14 sharks, followed by several years were followed, left the place of residence, which they have never in my life do not leave, in deeper water, and returned only after two weeks, when the danger was over. A similar response was observed sharks before the storm Gabrielle.

They know the animals, we do not know? The 2004 tsunami made us think over this issue more seriously. Studies have shown that the ability to anticipate natural disasters have all kinds of animals around the world.

"Wild animals are able to take a lot more information about the environment than people. They hear well, catch a long distance hazardous vibration and feel the slightest changes in atmospheric pressure. Main ability of animals — is the ability to" read "the natural caution that helps them in time in safe havens — emphasizes the biologist, Dr. Mike Haythaus. — It is impossible to learn, but knowledge about the habits of the animals, the ability to correctly interpret their behavior could bring people a lot of good. "

And whether in the home, we, ordinary citizens, to anticipate a possible impending earthquake? It turns out you can. For example, a common aquarium fish — makrognatusy for three or four hours before the earthquake are arranged in a vertical chain. Else they could rush to the aquarium and even try to jump out of it. Uneasily begins to behave on the day before the earthquake, another aquarium fish — neon. In particular teachers Almaty ecocenter "Best", noticing unusual behavior makrognatusov, for 20 minutes to push in Almaty to 4.5 points (the epicenter of the Kyrgyz Republic) brought children to the street.

There are cases when many animals are saving their owners at the household level. For example, a cocker named Jersey grabbed the trousers of his master, when he was going to his friend to fly in his private jet. Usually quietest dog whined and growled menacingly. And when the owner is still going away, bit his leg and tore the event, which caused serious anger the whole family. The next morning it was reported that his friend died in a plane crashing into a rock.

A nursing home in the U.S. state of Rhode Island lives a cat who can smell death. On the rare gift of a cat named Oscar told in his book, Professor Brown University USA David Dosa. Cat rarely makes mistakes, and sometimes even death predicts better themselves physicians. Oscar is no different from other cats living in the hospital, except for one unusual properties. He rarely spends time with the patients, except for those who will soon die. If he is not allowed to enter the house where the dying man, he begins to scratch the door and ask for it.

In short, scientists have something to think about …

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Unknown world" № 14 2012

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