hAriyskaya Karuna

Ancestor-Rod, Rod Heaven! Strengthen my heart in the Holy Faith
Grant me wisdom and power of my ancestors, the sons and grandsons of Thy.
Give happiness and peace to your people, now and ever and ever and ever!
Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!  

Kako (k). Volume, union association. At the beginning of a word is placed as an explanation to the fact that carry the following runes. At the end of words indicates the similarity of someone (something). Ka-ing — encapsulating the energy Shchurov with the power of the Spirit, but it all depends on the intended use of that power.

Fast (b). There is. Being at the present, in any live or that person, or any other form of entity. Form of existence in time.

Veda (c). Be in charge of wisdom. Know anything. To know the origins of 3 Worlds — right, Nav, glory. Displays a desire for knowledge of something not driven so far and do not know before.

news, Veda is the word hard. — Avesta, luminous wisdom.
news, news coming from the source of being.

GLAS (d). Glagol. Utterance U-Ra-Be-Di. Instruction on the Path of Ra — light Veda with the Word P-Ra-Na-Vedas-Go. Our and Go — Celestial Cow Zemun and Rod. Portent and prediction — the voice of God. Truth verb, falsehoods — breshut, Balakay hang out.

WELCOME (e). Acts bright. Acquired by honest labor tangible God T-St-Waugh. Also, and spiritual values in the form of the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom that is respected by others. Also inherited from the ancestors of the acquired their honest work and life experiences in a case and craft, as the wisdom of Roda. So the father, seeing the success of Chad, says: — Welcome!.

Life (x). Radiation. Energy passing through Jav, Nav and law. Form of creative art of living beings. Radiance — a piece of life Rodya light Ingle — energy from the sun and stars, the creative (materialize manifesting) life. Vyriya of heaven showing, as well as Navi (Praise and Nav), entities of certain forms of life from the mother-in-Kind (matter). As well as the manifestation of the energy of these forms of life through their senses: creativity, militancy, aggression, love, etc etc.

SHOW (s). Exceeding the rate of various forms of energy. Burning and sizzling. Such as radiation from the sun can turn the Earth into a desert storm affect human well-being. The power of magicians and sorcerers, withering look at the moments of anger.

LES (l). Many forms of existence of life in Rhodes. A forest of hands. Entity forms manifested in the world Reveal: flora and fauna, and reasonable (person) and humans (not people), as well as microorganisms.

MIR (m). State without war. Community, a community of people united (flock) irrational beings, animals, plants, microorganisms and minerals.

HOPE (n). Waiting for news, striving for the attainment of anything better. The spiritual state of anticipation of happiness or misfortune, hoping for the best.

PATH (n). Road. The desire to move to a certain specified or not specified goal that each entity has its own, but one way at Roda. Community or nation. Said spirit ancestors Rod Gods. The goal is dictated by specific conditions of existence, and genetic entity Emotional at the subconscious level.

Men (p). Powerful and bright host. It can come at any time, from many communities, from the spiritual unity and the spiritual impulse. In the face of impending danger. Men going through mutual understanding and a sense of mutual support. Ratuyte — means: note danger.

WORD (s). Way communication and exchange of information. Means of communication and the materialization of ideas. This is done with the mouth, gestures, signs (mental images), and drop caps. Inscribed on anything Word of Truth keeps wisdom bezmudroe clogs consciousness. — Sia, uttered the truth.

Solid (r). Firmament, the creator, the statement. Spiritual strength, stamina character and emotional balance. The ability to say anything, create and build. Word firmly — say — did!

FAN (Q, N). Outlaw. Banished from Rod, communities, immigrant, a hermit. Release into the environment of any unnecessary energy. Background-Tan — splashing water.

Heenan (x). Triune. Something three-dimensional, sphere, or figure. Three moons, three of the Earth (Midgard, Ouray, Day) Yarily the Sun, once inhabited race, white descendants of our race.

OBJECTIVE (i). Point aspirations dreams. By a conscious form of perfection, the guide on the path of life — the object of aspiration. It is a stimulant uplift the soul and gives strength in the form of will power.

FEATURE (h). The border, boundary, or Abode. Abroad, through which pass without permission can not. Halls — separation invisible line stars. Devils — essentially passing the line of what is permitted.

Breadth (m). Earth's space — horizon. Infinity of space on all four sides, as far as the eye can see around — outlook terrestrial beings. The breadth and depth of the flights of imagination and dreams. As well as breadth and depth of perception of the human soul.

SCHUR (u). Ancestor of. Kind of boss, who left in the memory of his name sort — last name. The image of the parent affects the spirit, and as a symbol has a secret (Sacred) impact on human behavior, Lyudin Inhumans, etc etc. It can be very old or not.

Ballast (n, np). Ancestor of, the ancient Schura. Before you — the more ancient. original. Right Schur, in the aggregate, whose worship is God. Also, the image of events in time right age, which occurred a long time ago and fell into oblivion, but it is the forerunner of modern events.

SFA (p, o). Flame. Union, unity, unity, defeat enemies. Agni's road through the world of phenomena. Destroy everything around the fire — plasma (the energy of creation, through the purification), this light emitting fusion sources. In addition, Fasch — flaming idea to light a fire in the hearts of the masses of the people. Fashi — a bundle of arrows. Fash-ism — an ideological group of ardent supporters.

MARA (m, k). Madder. Purification, prosperity, Kolovrat, the transition from one state to another. World Anti Ra — light resist — Newerth. Maren — palace Darkness — Fox (Navi) patron and winter, night and death, knows the transition from life to death (of Reveal in Nav) and vice versa rebirth of souls from Navi (new incarnation).

BCA (S, Sj). Heavenly harmony. Divine light, a revelation. State of mind at the time of transformation of the soul in the world, Navi. The moment of connection with the cosmos — the divine revelation. Vision of the future and the past in a dream or meditation.

Mir (m). Universe. Metagalaxy around the trinity of creation. Jav, Nav, law, with all its manifestations and undeveloped structures, a combination of light Ra-M-Hi with Darkness Something Great.
RA-M-HA, Light of a single, life-giving, spiritual universes generating light.

VITA (in, integer). Detached form of life. Earthly life, encased in a temporary structure. Encased in a shell or structure in isolation from the impact — Phyto. By itself, a hermit who lives or lingers in the clouds, the individual. For example Vita-Min — A special food product that contains a bomb and (after chemistry). Vitali — Hovering in the clouds dreamer.

Wait (well, train). Fading in anticipation. Temporary peace. State where there are neither the actions, time fading in anticipation of something, change over time.

Jiva (d, J). Virgo. The giver of the beginning of life, the image of the spirit and the blood of the 1st man in the womb of its own. Clean and not vicious Virgin Jiva bestows living soul on stage 1, before transformation from conception in the womb, in the bodily shell before birth born child of Roda.

Nav (n). 3-dimensional structure. Located between the world of the upward call of the Gods — Vyriem earth and reality. Praise — the world departed souls of our ancestors — Legs Guardians beztelesnyh souls — spirits bright. Brownies, Bannikov, devils, mermaids and TE Naf (dark Nav), which nafik send, give anathema — Twilight (The essence of Joy World Ra-light Caco-similarity)) — immortal souls — burdened by earthly vices, but having a chance in the future Reality earthly incarnation through testing — Rock of Doom, correct the sins of a past life (many lives). Sunshine — the realm of the Wii (Pluto), where small ginut little soul into the undead, the hyena fire burned in timelessness.

CCA (r, k,). Spiritual love. Pure love — like the feeling of emotional attraction and togetherness. Love for the motherland, fatherland, to the mother, etc etc.

SUMMER (L). Period of time, year. Sign * — Added if indicated by a numeric value after some runes. Summer, are the unit of reckoning certain cycle. Summer Svarog Circle — 16. Summer Circle of Elements — 9. Life — 144. 1/16 of Svarog Circle — 1,620 years.

MYSLETE (m). Thought. Ability to perceive and understanding of information, both explicit and space. Thought — is the Earth, which controls the mental, spiritual and physical potential of thinking beings. It leads to their spiritual perfection.

poppy — Al-minded as God the Son.

NASH (n). Nation. Mote family or tribe, without admixture of genetically foreign incest. On A-Rod — pure Nash Rod. Freak — at Rod protected, te first-born child in the family. Son or Daughter. May be in terms of our profession or group of people or other entities.

Rule (n, np). Way Ra Veda. Milky way by which the human soul goes into the immortality of fame (in glory) and Vyry heaven — in the right.
From there too, and is the essence of our family and the celestial cow Zemun.

Reche (p, D). Dialect. Another's speech, and distorted (adverb), through which communicates foreigner in his own circle, or with others. Earlier asked the strangers: — Language whose? Heathen — rekuschy on another (no) language or a different faith. Adverb — part of a single kind of language that is different from the main focus.

Sword (m, s). Power and Strength. The unity of the energy of the soul, spirit and body, manifested in the single will of the people. Protection and patronage of the Gods — ancestors of the Fatherland in protecting from the enemy-thieves. Lightning — heavenly swords Gods voev Perun, one Stribog.

TARH (m). Give-God Tarkh Perunovich. Confers protection of children Svarog Rod Heaven. Perun's son and grandson of Svarog. Bestower also rain, so the harvest was.

TRIGLAV (m, mp). Union 3-Gods. Triglav three worlds, gods protectors. There is also the concept of the Triple Alliance.

ROD (p). Mysterious Nature. Start thinking in any kind of entities: human, humanoid, residents, and other undead villains dark Navi. Different kinds have different, in genetic terms, the structure of the body and the spirit and image of the blood, which almost does not allow incest. There are other kinds of concepts: plant, animal, social and professional organizations. Spiritual hierarchy — class.

BOG (b, b). Patron. Indicates something original (b) at the end of words. Patronage in the form of named Rhoda (name), as the spirit ancestor. And as a favor Triglav.

The Reader (Thu, h). Reading. That speak aloud something written on wisdom. In Santee, tables, manuscripts, stone, books, etc etc. The image of the Priest, the interpreter, teacher, reads a lesson or lecture in schools, churches, universities, synagogues, mosques, etc etc.

SCHIT (u, v). Amulet or protection. Power to defense — aggressive, attack the forces of darkness in the form of corruption or evil eye. Circle symbolizing security in harmony with the environment.

ZHRETS (x, xp). Priest. Minister of religion — Ra, Moon, Satan in charge of the canons of eternal life, the world, or the impermanence of life and cultivates fear of the Lord.

Plot (s). Heavenly body. Orbiting bodies (the sun or stars) in orbit, according to the canon of gravity — gravity. Luminaries, giving light these lands, generate life, depending on the range of the radiation spectrum and geology (composition of the earth's crust) lands. Earth — mother (the matrix of the universe).

Reality (a, h). World 3 dimensions. In no time dominates that flows like a river — the river of time. World of physical embodiment in disembodied souls microorganisms minerolov, plants, animals, people, bad people, men and aces. This world is all over the space on earth where the sun is shining and the stars. What are the conditions — such is the life in this Manifest.

SON (c). Bliss. The lack of movement in the physical. The altered state of mind and a spirit — flesh rest (rest). Recovery state forces and displacements at the time of the soul in the other world, Navi (Nav and fame).

Case (d). Labor. Creative or destructive acts are not good harmony. Depending on the entity that creates the offense. During the conduct guided nature (controlled) the inspiration that visits a particular substance and evokes the image of what you want to create. What matters is, from what Navi conjures up images. Light or dark.

TROUBLE (b). Ill. Violation of the integrity of life, injury, or damage anything. Physical death, due to injury or illness that caused the halt in the flow of time in the life of waking. As well as changing the shape of thinking — dementia.

Acb (a). Superman. Manifestation in the physical life of a talented entity — the master of his craft, with increased capacity and capabilities. The mission of the messenger of God for a particular purpose, of the highest international recognition and the Government. — Al am

IS (e). Byst. Different forms of existence. Manifestation is now being, in his term, a particular entity. Points to the stability and developed, that carries the essence of Sia — genetic origin, through the image of the spirit and blood.

INTA (s). Union. Collection of spiritual energies directed at understanding the universe canon Ra-M-hee, the creator of the universe of our energy — Metagalaxy.

YOGA (s). Yudzhizm. Repository of wisdom at the level of skill unites Rodowicz kind of spirit with their energy, in order to repel the enemy, or orphan children in an orphanage in order to save them from starvation and finish. Baba Yoga And this essence superhuman energoproniknoveniya between worlds in meditation, in order to achieve harmony and peace between the worlds. Yog is also able to quickly restore their health.

ON (about). Leader. Elders of the clan, the one who has the wisdom to lead. Floating down the river ahead of time, able to anticipate and level of knowledge (perfect) advanced neighbors. Respected and recognized authority.

Solace (y). The control action. Energy to target the processes of positive properties. Movement of positive change, some action.

AGNI (ar, a). Fire. The sacred fire of the hearth and fire Races vital energy that is in the forehead and body. The immune system is essentially amulet — Boris with ailments and illnesses. The strength of this field depends on the purity of the image of the spirit and the blood — pure race or clan, to which this entity.

Ingle (and about). Life Rodya light. Part of the energy of Ra-M-Hi — the creator of the universe, Koya manifested light of sun and stars as the primary fire of the universe.

ETA (e, fl). Similarity. Something similar in essence, but in form and way other than having contrast, temporary or structural (moral, physical, genetic). Headlines Et — rusam similar, but with different genetics and ethics, due to changes in the world living conditions, genetic inbreeding with foreigners.

YUR (w, legal). God's fool. Something distorted for the worse. That which has undergone modification, EM is fundamentally correct and inferior in strength and possible manifestation in life.

ASH (I, jar). The sacred tree of the universe. Source being from the Ra-light on Earth original living souls and spirit ancestors of, depending on the purity of Rhoda, whose health depends on Rhoda. Caste — point to professional identity and class.

Lan (l la). Womb. The surface of something: the land or territory on the ground, in any way originally been living a particular clan, tribe, people, te ancestral land, where he lived, or lives a genus where the ancestral homes, pastures, forests, fields and villages. In addition, D-lan-of the hand. Lie has also original image — Lan, tons of it a superficial display of truth. "The Tale of a lie, so it hint …"

Ghar (GC). Teacher of wisdom. Spiritual movement, mentoring, carrying knowledge Vyšna wisdom — spirituality. In order to transfer to the next generation, the new initiates. A person can learn to meditate and levitate, to sink into the past and future, sees the events have already taken place and more to come. The one who carries, carries, brings higher spiritual knowledge, moving from one world to another, from one space to another, from one dimension to another.

ARCHES (AE). Measure. Form display anything: length, width, height, area, volume, and in the schematic outline — in 3-dimensional measurement of the world Reveal. And life Rodya feminine — the Earth as a mother with Rohde. Wife — a woman who will give birth to children old husband. Husband — joy and stability. He is like the sun generating life on Earth, life Rodya light Ingle, in the womb of his wife.

FIR (a, e). Vysokomudry, Gd. The one who carries (embodies) clean image. Energy structure of the universal mind the global rules and Glory — Gods, ancestors. On the earthly plane — vysokomudry elder Rhoda.

Iriy (and up). Net. Blameless, the source of pure light. The name of the holy river in Belovodye. Il-Tisch — Iriy quietest. Irinatsiya — Pure love, in the highest sense, te merge the physical, mental and spiritual, for life. Name Irene — Means physically healthy, purebred and loving.

TRUE (IP,). Source. Dogma, axiom, strange though that does not require proof. Immutable in other essences of the gods and their ancestors. Truth is different genera are given from its source, for us it is not clear (from the slime) true, ie to have its source. Rod each level given their genetic memory.

FATHER (m, n). Descendent of the patron. The spiritual teacher in the temple of the gods, the spiritual — the soul of the patron into the confessional. Those who are responsible for their children in the family. In general, the one who is responsible to the gods, the ancestors of those who patronize.

Stable (y, k). Cohn. Canon of life — an inviolable rule, that the path of Ra Knows Istok Lan — ancestral land image. Charter — that that ignorant mouth, as the basis for the decision in the traditions of their ancestors, and provides a standard of conduct in the process of communicating with relatives and foreigners. Statutes in different nations and its foundations are based on the existence of canons and traditions of their family. Knowingly wisdom says: — In a strange as the Romans do not go. Even in individual communities have their charters — established rules being based on canon law and a mop of Rita — Covenant ancestors.

YNRA (s). Energy of creativity. One manifestation of the life of the world Rodya Ingle — creative source. Radiation source of vital energy, which radiates and creates.

VYRY (c). Garden of Eden. Abode of the Gods in the world are right, rush to the soul of the deceased. Ancestral home, where they arrived in the Nav and reality.

west, up to the abode of the gods in the world of rules.

RITA (p). Canon image of purity of spirit and blood. Set of canons and rules established by our ancestors. Rules that allow to keep the blood clean Rod, which means healthy offspring. This concentration does not allow to enter into alliance with the alien beings are genetically similar to the white man, especially with the sub-human, as well as close relatives. Rita — Rod Istok Approved Asami, store them. — am rita, Guardian sunset (drink of the Gods, which gives immortality).

UR (y, yp). Ends of the earth. Where wood and dale full of visions, where the wilderness, where not to disturb the harmony of nature. Fertile soil, forests and pastures, no monasteries and towns. Ur-man — Zamorochny forest area where disrupt the harmony of nature.

SOUTH (w). Cycle time. Period in the chronology in any limits on a cosmic scale, consisting of a set period of years of human life. Callie-South, Svarog Circle etc etc.

Northeast Asia (NEA St.). Heaven. A place where there is no devil. Outside the Earth's atmosphere — the world of fame. Ancestral worlds, where souls go immortality — Sva-pra Immaculate.

ANTA (en, a). Anti. Against something, the opposition, the opposition. Forces of Light — the forces of darkness, the enemies, the location opposite of something. Ant-lan — Ants land, located opposite Enei (Europe). Politically — anti-national sentiments.

Aina (ouch). Exclamation of joy. Reflects the emotions light plan. Wonderful, great, and when it is better not.

ARIS (ap). A direct descendant of. One who traces back directly from the Source type, from some certain kind. As well as the receiver something or someone.

AUS (w). Hearing beckoning. Creek lost in the woods, or those who are looking for. And also appeal: — "Listen, I tell you."

EOR (oo, op.) Something which introduces distinction. Segregation, divisive between something or someone. Set boundaries in relationships. Op den helps to maintain discipline and order to observe.

OUK (DU). Deeper meaning. Secret inner meaning of something. Indicates that you should pay attention. Mind can not understand Russia. Rous wrote earlier, what can only be understood by reason.

AURA (ay, pa). Shine. The light of dawn glow of the atmosphere, or the glow of physical bodies, plants and animals.

Wendy (c). Explorers. Travelers, sea and land, which in the cold weather went west, settling Veneyu (Eneyu. Europe), and the islands around it, the Mediterranean and North Seas. Overland explorers advertisements Wendy and Wends, and sea — Vikings (in Ar I are moving).

GARD (d). Hail. Settlement with a fortified wall, enclosure. O-Town — enclosed garden.

Wightman (wai Wye). White Moon (womb). Artificial Earth or other aircraft movement within the atmosphere in low Earth orbit, or between the Earth, in the solar system or star. The shape of spherical or ovoid. Used to move between the Sun and the stars within the galaxy.

Vaitmar (wai Wye). White Death. Intergalactic large aircraft, designed for long journeys between the worlds of galaxies in the universe, life-long, as well as between the measurements from the world to the glory of Reveal or Nav. Size of such a ship reached 200 kilometers or more. And placed in the womb Vaitmar 144 Wightman — space boat.

RYTSY (p). Growl. It through the mouth, as a means of communication for the transmission of information. In the native language speech — talk, talk, negotiate (short of speaking a foreign language). In Russia, the voice of the commercials and not said (to steal someone else's voice) or Tolmachev — others interpreted it.

Ezer (s, w). Pond. With something formed. Lake — from underground sources. Swamp — stagnant lake. Natural and man-made ponds, from spills and river bends, Break out the keys. This rune is a property of areas: with something.

conscience, collaborative, real knowledge of how to live the Ancestors.

ALL (c). Part of the. Political unit of ancient, analog area. This area is usually owned by a single overall Rod. Whole — part of deer (region) or edge.

west, area is at the top, where the sun goes (to the west, the west).

STOP (page article). Stage. Step towards some goal, person or community and the country as a whole. The degree of achievement of something, service to the race. In h'ariyskoy arithmetic is a measure of length — 1 stop.

KOROB (k). Shopping bag, box, case. Peddlers were behind box. Chest, Domowina. As well as housing the house, vehicle, car, plane, etc etc.

STAR (s). Gleam. Has in its gravity field to 9 Earths satellites — moons. Stars of a planet, too, but wandering in the universe, ie to have lost its system of land and doomed sooner or later die out. On the earthly plane — the one who has gained popularity and fame.

SKY (n). Limit of the system. Space limited by the limit of any system, from the sun and to the border of the light. Covers the world of waking and Navi. Navi dark worlds and boundless Sunshine — The Kingdom Wii (Pluto), where there is darkness and darkness. There the souls of sinners reside in the process of purification, and Peclet ginut in the timeless little soul villains and scoundrels. Wii — host hell, forward them, burning his eyes.

Calotte (c, ck). A small village. Calotte forest, the village where there is no church, but there is a shrine with idols and altars — mound in the open, where you want to ascend kummiram gods, idols standing in the valley (the idols).

Yarylo (n, np). Our sun. Central light that illuminates our (other) Earth and Moon system. It brings life generating light Ingle their lands, including Midgard. Rune also means Podanev life and heat, and light, and the image of bright pure relations. Beau ardent husband — like the sun, radiating energy of health, beauty and spirit. Knight — says the source of the hardness of koyu reveal primordial gods.

Veche (c). Cathedral. Assembly, or representatives of the tribal communities of the land and villages in the Ecumenical Council — Veche. The aim — to discuss vital.

MONTH (m). Magic Power of the reflected light. Introducing distortions in the reflected light and the movement of something. Period calendar. Numeric value — 2.

Fattah (f). Fatal. The tragic fate of destiny death, represents the lost more than 13,000 years ago, Moon Fattah, leading to the almost complete destruction of the inhabitants of the earth.

Lola (L). Liko. Smile, joy, happiness. The image of the dead over 111,000 years ago, Lola Moon, associated with the number 7. And with success, but not without consequences, military operetsiey Kashcheev destroy strongholds of darkness.

Finger of (n). Unique as the finger. numeric value — 1. The first finger on the hand. Pioneer in a business or act. Bachelor, bachelor or widower. An integral part of being in the distance, but without losing touch with the whole.

Eyelids (a, ve). Eyes. Numeric value — 2. Spectators, to see, and not just spectators, but also knowing. Watch, watch, stare. A pair of anything or anyone.

ROS (p). Serebrooky skinned Aryan. One of the families of the white race, coming from the Sun Tara (the North Star), with a land Rai, in the Halls of Los. The essence of the descendant of the Heavenly and Zemun, children of the gods of Veles, the children Kryshen and Lada.

RAS (p, pa). Ognennoglazye Slavs — Raseny. Profit from Ingard-land of the Sun-God grant that, in the halls of the White Leopard (Alpha, the constellation of Leo.)

DZELO (s, ds). Zelo. Otherworldly force — something that strongly developed: the protection of the gods, or the forces of darkness. In nature it is seen as a defensive reaction to the violation of harmony — the balance in the form of exposure. Solar radiation, flood, earthquake, epidemics, etc etc. This is a manifestation — the good, necessary to restore harmony to nature and to the people and humanoid, punctuated equilibrium in kind, as a great evil (tragedy). This reaction mother — Raw Earth, appears to these entities suddenly and immediately, for they know not what they do. Absolute good and evil exist in nature, ie to dzelo — energy manifested in space and time.

THU (h). Sound. Numeric value — 4. Musical instrument — a rosary, a tool accountant — scores. Dance dance.

Span (n). Metacarpus. Numeric value — 5. Hand, five fingers. Basis pyadevoy counting system.

Ence (s). Pick up. Find something, or take someone else's. For example: Yat Glory, fortitude, pereyat alien religion. Deed — to do something on the conscience of inspiration. Comprehend — To cover something look, thought or hands.

Shady (w). Simple majority. Numeric value — 6. 6 out of 10. Veche system counting. Spared respect — generosity.

Shemya (c). Seed. Numeric value — 7. 7 out of 10. Veche system counting. Seed — the basis of the wisdom of the universe.

Wyeth (condition c). Winnow. Numeric value — 8. The basis of any single radiating energy, thoughts, ideas. If you put in front of this rune rune "Father", will inviolable taboo on something. In conjunction with the runes direction indicates the direction: The answer Testament, etc etc.

O daughter of (d). Daughter. Numeric value — 9. Maid of marriageable age, the one who in the future will continue to race her husband. Personification of purity, innocence and harmony with Rohde. The matrix of the universe.

DARKNESS (m). Dark space. Numeric value — 10.000. Naf — totem layers World Navi. 10,000 land where the sun or not, or they emit light of Newerth — ultraviolet and infrared rays that warm but do not shine. Maybe it's the world of stars and dwarfs.

AL (a, an). Stone. Something tightly compressed or concentrated in a certain volume, comprehensive, no cavities — Tverd. Something difficult to grasp — plotnokontsentrirovannoe as information, beyond the bounds of conventional world view.

AI (ouch). Surprise, fear. Exclamation of surprise or fright of surprise — something of an emotional outburst implicit. Of change of temperature, energy impact, radiation. Ai-years — a month of new gifts, the first frost. Runes (Urai) — "Bright new gifts of land", the abode of life — earth Urai in the Hall of the Eagle on Svarog Circle, located in the dimensions right, and not waking.

THAI (Thai). Limit. Completion of any works or actions, the limit of something. Taiga — end of the road, Thailand — End of the World. B corresponds to the sign-in an ugly letter. Taiwan — extreme isolation. Taimyr — the edge of the world.

BAY (B, beat). White. The divine level of purity. The Light of the world of fame. Feeling of peace in your soul. Paradise where there is no place tme.Beylet — month of rest and white lights.

GAY (r gay). Durability. Militancy and stiffness character (History of Violence) in military exploits. Stiffness and slowness in nature — in the winter. Frozen ringing state anything. Geylet — month snowstorms and cold.

GIVE (d, give). God is the beginning of. Waking up, acquisition, rebirth, the start of life, recovery, resuscitation, first movement, striving for. What represents Rod Heaven — the creator race. Essence — the light. Daylet — month awakening of nature.

E (e). Seeding. Grain and the land, the knowledge of wisdom, the seed of life Rodya. Elet — the month of planting and naming.

Wei (Wei Wei). Breath. Earth elements: wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, and etc, which bring rains, cyclones, dry winds. Movement, stirring atmosphere, leading to twists and raise dust. Veylet — month winds.

Hey (hey). Summing-up. The harvest from the fields, the results of any activity. The debriefing, understanding quality and move to the next. Heylet — a month of new gifts.

OB (v). Both. Numeric value — 2. The unity of the two principles. Ob — flows into the Irtysh. Hand in hand. Something that gives the dual meaning of the image.

GO (w). Zemun. Sacred cow — mother of all Slavic-Aryan birth. Expel — pasture where cows graze. Goy — superman, descendant of.

Judge (s, o). Essence. Bend strength of the image — a manifestation of both positive and negative. In the specific situation in a clear manner the content in order to do an act, or the court to administer. Acts based on the nature, can be right at the right hand — the left.

NO (n. no). No. Denial, rejection of all superfluous, no recognition of anything and anyone. Not a manifestation of something foreign and alien.

Shta (pc). Stit. Read ancestral spirits Rod because of their power of patronage provoking. Which ensures, as kind as a whole, and the life of one person.

Qi (chi). Brow. Energy display form the third eye. One of the types of energy life Rodya light Ingle — Ra-M-Hi. Energy clairvoyance — seeing various images — strategic thinking — a vision of what to do.

Shi (Shi). Demolish. Fracture energy. Under the influence of this energy are the degradation and the evolution of something, through the destruction and creation. Tions — God of the Seas, the hypostasis of this energy.

TEREM (ter tm). Palace. Solid house built with skill and with a soul, a certain shape and several stories high. Thermo — a house in which it is possible to maintain a certain temperature — similar Russian baths in ancient Rome. Tower — are the crown of something, the embodiment of a higher purpose. The Creation of noble intentions.

Gingiva (de). Right hand. Right arm, which carries the positive energy of creation or requite the truth — the canons of Gods Our ancestors.

Odes (one). Shuya. The left hand path roundabout — falsehood, untruth. Shuya is negative energy directed at the destruction of harmony in kind in the world.

Truiden (m, mp). Triplicity. Numeric value — 3. The framework consists of three areas, a collection of fields +, -, 0. Triple penetration (touch) the three worlds into one another.

Sork (c, dirt). Injustice. Something that initially distorted or incorrect. The fact that the basis is devoid of reason, and only exists in reality. Misinformation — not confirmed by facts. That which does not benefit the other hand is harmful, polluting the brains — garbage. been brought in from outside.

Human (h, Th). Shaped container of mental images. Chakra, which materializes the images, the power of thought, through dreams and visions in the form of ideas, by which they are embodied in the actions. Is the seat of the mind mistakenly called forehead, koy is the seat of intellect — the analytical center of the brain and controls the body.

SKIT (ck). Settlement with church. City, where it can live, young and old, many births. New York — a city of major proportions. Asgard — capital city. Also adjacent to the monastery and land.

SOMA (catfish). Drink vitality. Potion of herbs, granting life force. He was also sacrificed to the gods, often results in the sacrificial fire, and some put before idols of Gods.

DON (bottom). The power of influence. A strong personality that drives the process in time. Don is also a powerful force element, move the stones — the river Don. Something or someone that can penetrate the barriers and overcome obstacles. He who bestows favor weak, poor and infirm, help to survive. Don Quixote, for example.

VEK (c). The time period of life. This period is targeted at the life of all beings of the world Reveal from birth to death — the transition into a different being. Rocks and minerals transform into dust, animals, plants and people in the dust, the human soul passes into Nav. And Asa and Gentiles in the right. Eternity defines the boundaries of temporary space, which is designed career terrestrial beings.

Chakra (h, Chuck, k). Circle or dot. Kolo — a source that emits light energy of the mind and heat, or absorbing energy from the sun, stars, moons, land.

WATER (a, b). Oki-Jan. She is responsible for Acts of Agni. Ocean of information, information flow, carrying the life force, when the river okuneshsya. Or death you will find, if you come into the raging sea. In case of violation of harmony with Rode, sea flood disaster clean Earth.

Uhl (ul). Mound. To move our nothingness. By bringing together the different form of life, way of timeless. After the death of the body is exposed krodnomu fire. Ashes buried in the ground, at this place, put the mound, marking the end of the earthly journey. Uhl — The road leading to the temple.

KRODA (k, cr). Bonfire. The fathers to the Court firmly ESM — edge transition, so that fire funeral.

ITA (ITA). Perpetual motion. To the knowledge of wisdom, all new, unknown until then, the secret wisdom. Canon ecumenical movement as a basis for creation of the universe. Constant striving for perfection.

Neck of (condition, Vieux, Wii). Rotation. Something rotating spiral and withdraws. A black hole, a tornado, a whirlpool. Squeezing — tourniquet, bonds, loop. Spinning in circles — neck of (neck), screw propeller, the Earth, the Moon, etc etc.

DRU (dp, frame). The Tree. Tree, forest and other vegetation. Ancestors, depending on the form of the essence of matter — the mother that gave birth to this essence.

Druid, Priest forest. — druidesa, dealing with clairvoyance, treatment, prophecy, prediction.
Olegksanr, grandson leg carrying the spiritual foundation of the universe and the wisdom of our ancestors, the son of the druid.
Placed at the end: — Men — For women.

Child (h). Child. Descendant of, born of life Rodya light Ingle, masculinity, in the womb of his wife. Child — the source of acts of creation.

We have already shown 144 Runes. But 144 — This is just basic. And by the time it is followed by the runes, runes of space, a single image of the runes, runes changing the penetrating images, etc. When you open the "Book of Light", you see — it is written in 256 Runes. Karuna is written to 16 runes in a row. When transferring from other writing systems, such as trag or, say, a Glagolitic on runes, are inserted into the text explanations, and it is not written in the 16 and 32 runes line. Therefore, "The Book of Light" was originally written in da'Ariyskom already copied the 32 runes. Ie, when you look at the runic text, just pay attention to the number of runes in the line: if it says 16 runes in a row, so it's original Karuna, is 32 — so it is a translation from the tragi. If there is a 48, so it is a translation at all with the other system. Is 64 — which means that several times already translated, ie inscribed accompanying commentary.


GA. Movement, movement.

RA. Radiation, radiance, termoplazma, light. Moving and shining.

RAS. Rhode Aces.

SPROUT. future priest.

GOA. Displacement in space and time from any tochki to another.

WAY. Wind flow, continuous, constantly changing direction.
ant, life form that has its own territory habitat, its measure.

CPC. Constant movement, according to the canons, in sequence, an impact on all the existing forms of life by organizing (change) their form of existence and actions. — cop, A shock right.

Control. Duality something dichotomy, refraction, decomposition.

DAM. Constant movement from top to bottom. Down — the degrading nature. Setdaun — sit in English.

TSA. The life force, rises in the movement from the bottom up, spiral, in all its beauty and diversity. Asp — A man who knows how to levitate.
dissension, Races truth rises up together, but each in their own way.

WHITEFISH. Instant motion in space — whitefish. Rune defeat enemies.

AM. Powerful constant force, preserve, protect, protect. — Cupid, force, protected territory. — amba, God dwell in the land, a descendant of the gods of heaven — the guardian of God.

TIS. Time constant, consistently exhibiting various forms mirootobrazheniya. In the verbal form has a question form for a response. Belongs to the movement of time, which is reflected in any space and time.
nutis, you tell me, I'm waiting.

DAR. Receive various forms of radiation, vbiranie or incarnation in itself, in the form of a gift of the Gods — talent, and in the form of exposure — sunburn, Rengo. Dara D'Ariytsy.

HAR. Clean, bright and clear energy emission. Hara H'Ariytsy.

Earth (a, b, a, e, s). The hierarchy of celestial bodies in the universe.

OM. The energy of creation, creativity and development, filling anything.


FROM. — In (Arie). — FROM. — With. — FOR. — AT. — UNDER.

AVAN (approx. before). — Apertures (in time).

DAY. In the concept Day — Participation at the time Joy Kako? Time flies like a duck, and you will not notice.

DAY. As the measure: Godin, parts, share moments, instants, whitefish.

DAY. As daylight.

NAT. Daylight.

MORNING. Shine before daylight hours.

EVENING. When it begins to get dark, replaces the daytime. They gathered at the Chamber.

Forty. Period of time. equal to 40 days. 640 Godin.

SACRED Soroka. Period of time. is 41 days. 656 Godin.

Godin. Period of time. which is now called the hour.

PART. Period of time. which is now called a minute. 1/16 of the hour.

SHARE. Period of time. which is now called the second. 1/144 share parts.

MOMENT. Period of time. which is now called a microsecond. 1/72 share a moment.

MIG. Period of time. which is now called a microsecond. 1/760 instant moments

WHITEFISH. Period of time. which now has no analogues. 1/160 instant signal.

THERE OUT. Time as the 4th dimension above the lack of time as such (out of our times.)

Image was born WORDS

ist, of celestial depths.
Eastview, from the depths of the celestial ocean.

susceptibility, in the heavenly depths.
Item, underground.

STAR, Tarh son, one of the gods of the earth, endowed with heavenly wisdom. Eventually become a star.
elder, sow the seeds of wisdom.

navi, the souls of dead ancestors truly exist in the next world of the gods.

gin, spirit, belong to the world, Navi, a different form of life.

dy, Bishop.

BITs, one who has the good of the whole soul, my father's father, grandfather — The dead BIT.

genie, acquisition of the soul that is close or a soul mate. Wife.

Jiten, sincerity.
gif, soulless. — Jim, meditate.

dzhikhad, the struggle for the protection of their brothers, for a just cause (blood feud).

Kama, welfare measures aces connection, Harmony, Love.

khamar, combined measure (who lives next door to the living world and draws energy from this world).

Khan, favorite of the gods.

punishment, the whole world gathered together into a single measure of life (sentence darkness).

Judge druid world, Is to be built together, live in harmony, together, in harmony, according to the law left by the gods of heaven.

SMAD, celestial motion, the heavenly way, the cosmic journey.

svarga, movement Races — (constellation and people) in the sky.

Urga, territory in which there is movement.
blizzard, movement in either direction.

leg, desire to move.

nara, Navi light world, dark, otherworldly light, deepening into another space (hole).

right, the light path of knowledge defined by some frames.

dual, a division of the set.
rainbow, emission of light divided and moving.
fool, scattering light.
Sage, wisdom, pushing world Navi. A wise man dispels the darkness of the world, Navi, studying it, lays out the order.

faith, luminous wisdom, supporting education.

Daar, first place of mankind, according to the Vedas, to set foot on the earth from space.


kako people think.

when thou uzrisha spirit pack

HN were in God's world

cop ritsim glory deyam

When you see the spirit of standing, with a leading us into the world of God, according to the law say — thank the Creative (deyam).

EXAMPLES runic text

Once …, c reche just now egda escha nebysti those times nebysti and Our Worlds and Realities,
our people to experience, be alone nevoploschayas takm great Ra-M-X.
He displayed in the new nova reality vozpriyatiya boundless infinitude,
rush of the great Light of Joy. And then and there was a never ending New Eternity
New Reality so born, and it is never ending number Her symptoms appeared.
So there was something we humans shta Thou space worlds Reveal and Navi and Government vosprinimasha …

and if the images on the first reading:

Part of the … space is limited and protected expressed oberegovoy force. Way of true sayings of truth, life Rodya female, by materializing ideas, including a set of spiritual energy collected on the basis of harmony and unity, manifested in the present, creating borders and boundaries delimiting our ancestors and light worlds. God manifested in the world and born in charge of wisdom of the ancestors of the 3 worlds, spoke aloud knowledge, bringing together all the manifestations in the present, and tightly linked nature of the Matrix Universe fire vital energy radiated Schurami and ancestors in our existence on earth, in a moment of approving inextricable link earth and heaven. Filled the space at times, manifest in light of the present world-wide fame with the power of creativity, one of the manifestations of life Rodya light Ingle — to build beginning. Divine words filled the space and revived the soul of the Na'vi, investing in the energy of the Creator Rod elders in charge of the worlds wisdom Navi, feel the emotional outburst. Energy evolution and involution of Aces and Rod manifested in many forms of life in nature, into pieces, with the hope of better anticipating how to penetrate and contact 3 worlds approved wisdom Rod hoping for subsequent association of people after their evolutionary changes and possible distortions in order to comprehend the Canons of the Universe, their awakening, rebirth and the pursuit of Light. Reveal the world, the universe and power in unity and harmony in a moment go by family, to link the earthly and the heavenly existence in the Faith in the Truth, Rod and this universe Asam, showing vitality in the trinity and patronage Rod Earth, radiating power and force, approved again rush into the world of law, on the land of their ancestors, Shchurov and ancestors, the word networking and exchanging knowledge, combining spiritual energy, protecting their faith, come to sverhistine, seat of Wisdom, to the Original Unknowable Essence. Patron Rhoda Peace Navi ancestors, whose worship of God, Rod — the source of life, life on earth, in alliance with Navyu by combining two elements of earthly life, acts of humanity will direct light to the Source of pure light in the heavens, above the approved unbreakable bond of heaven and earth. Trinity forms of existence created by our ancestors, suddenly merge under the protection and patronage of the Gods. Common development path from the source of being firmly united world and the world Reveal Navi, leading earthly life to join the two began in the primordial wisdom shown by the star's light and connected to the source of the heavenly Rod. Manifest Knowledge and patron Rhoda, born in the world, combined with the hope of heavenly palaces approve short life Rodya Ingle light on Earth. Earth's light having the measure offset by the spiritual unity and the diversity of forms, gave to the world the wisdom Reveal knowledge about the existing diversity of being approved than by creating an alliance with the primary fire of the universe Triglav 3 Mirov. Duality Earth Rod started — there is a divine act, coming from ancestors, in this way flows have approved primary fire of the universe. Fathers patrons gave these early life, going from right to Reality, as some forms of life, as a combination of multiple displays with a certain measure of divided Gods and created higher power, absorbing the force of heaven, manifested through clairvoyance and foresight. Aces hope living in the Manifest for the source of life and wisdom, this again at clairvoyance, protection of heaven and Triglav, the knowledge gathered in Navi our fathers in their bright deeds, manifested in a variety of delivery and confirmed in this life as a collection of spiritual energies towards at understanding the canon universe. Trinity diversity manifested being divided into 3 Nav world linked together union acts Aces light on Earth. Rod changed state of sleeping souls, awakening light and splitting it into different form of open world. Placed the seed source of life in the present, who have shown the duality of existence, faith sown aces for permanent protection of the gods in the Manifest, by learning a set of canons of purity Rod and blood (laws RITA), defended the source of various clans earth element, restoring the balance of nature. Prior to the modern times, the light of the pure undistorted way to protect life Rodya light created Triglav 3 worlds. Sort of the way in a form of communication Reveal sets of dual forms of being approved than united diverse energy of creation and the distortion of the divine, connecting Reality union with the universal mind of world law and glory of the Word trisvetlogo Ra, in the hope of sharing knowledge with the earthly life of the whole universe of worlds Reveal , Navi and rights …

Perun vnem calling Thee

and if the images that are roughly as follows:

development of the movement is our common desire, there is our space and time structure of the universe, the spiritual energy to guide our way of sharing knowledge sverhistiny (absolute) who are creating light and space
measurements on the ground to guide us time is a measure of bias (distortion). Our ancestors, who lived sometime in the 3-Earth (Midgard, Ouray, Dey) showed persistent spirit coming from the origins of life


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