Heat all mixed

In the north-eastern part of Russia still blocking atmospheric process. Sedentary anticyclone over Yamal prevents the spread of humid air masses from the Atlantic. Under cloudy skies and polar day the circulating air in an anticyclone rapidly warming up. On Thursday, June 23, Pomeranian village of Lower Pescia, located on the Barents Sea, has become the hottest place in the ETP (31 °). Region average temperature background at 10-13 ° higher than normal. In the coming weekend at the North-West and Central Russia will fall rains, and in the north-east, in the Arctic, will resort sunny and hot. The water in the Pechora continue to warm, reaching 20 °. There is great confidence that in Naryan-Mar will be closed the absolute maximum in June (33,4 °), has held on since 1945.

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