Heat in Germany almost broke the record in 2003

 Last Sunday was the hottest day in Germany, the temperature fell short of one degree to a record in August 2003, said on Monday edition Suedwest Presse.

Near the town of Gelhaym the south-west of the country the temperature climbed to 39.2 degrees. According to the weather service Meteomedia, August 19 in Germany was the hottest day of the year. However, the temperature record heat in Germany this year has not yet beaten. The hottest day in the history of this country was recorded in August 2003, when the city of Freiburg in the air temperature was 40.2 degrees.

According to meteorologist Jens Hoffmann (Jens Hoffmann), a further increase in temperature in Germany is not expected.

High temperatures have been recorded over the weekend in the UK. It was expected that in London the temperature is 31 degrees Celsius, but it barely exceeded 30.2 degrees. And in Suffolk County are reporting record temperature — 32.4 degrees.

In the French capital on Sunday, the temperature climbed to 37 degrees. According to the meteorological website AccuWeather.com, in the coming days the temperature in the country will decline.

From France a bit behind Belgium — there on the weekend the thermometer shows 36 degrees Celsius.

In Italy, the temperature over the weekend exceeded the mark of 30 degrees, and in some areas of Spain was recorded 33-degree heat.

Reports of possible victims of hot weather yet.

In 2003, because of the heat wave in Europe killed 70,000 people.

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