Heck some. Inhabitants of the region met with the supernatural

March 28, 2012 7:33

Lights in the sky Krasnoyarsk no one is surprised.  Collage Denis CHISTOUSOVA

Lights in the sky Krasnoyarsk no one is surprised. Collage Denis CHISTOUSOVA

Periodically in Krasnoyarsk news appears on the information that someone in the apartment Barabashka wound up somewhere in the Open anomalous hole, and someone in contact with the UFO. Sometimes things are the product of imagination or a drunken hallucination. But sometimes strange place with sober, appropriate people.

Revenant hikes

Spouses Kochetkov in all devilry not believe. But once inside the camping trip they encountered inexplicable.

— We spent the night on the banks of the River Khan — says Maria. — And in the morning if I pushed someone. I opened my eyes and saw two white pillars near the camp. Thought asleep imagining blinked, but they have not disappeared. Whether the mist, or a ghost, or a snowman. I wanted to wake her husband, but then my mind was heard clearly: "Do not! Do not say that we've seen. " And the pillars drifted away from our overnight stay at the beach, and then on the water surface of the channel.

She wanted to tell the others, but could not. She had the feeling that if she spoke, something terrible will happen. Only a few years later she opened her husband. And he admitted that he, too, saw it, and the voice told him to keep quiet, too.

Krasnoyarsk cavers sometimes talk about the mysterious host of caves that scare intruders.

— I am seven years old climbed through caves. Of course, all sorts of sounds heard and shadows seen, — says Oleg CHERKASHIN. — But all this is usually somehow. And then came back from a cave and heard whispers behind. Decided one of the newcomers fell behind, came back. And suddenly, in the light of the lantern I saw a bearded man on a rock. He is evil to me shouted, "What do you want?" And then my flashlight went out.

Bad apartment

Earlier this year, the entire edge of the village became famous Startseva, where in one of the houses wound poltergeist. He threw utensils and threw objects at the hosts. Frightened neighbors become a party to bypass the "bad" house. And their owners had requested the police and the authorities to take action against the other world get up to mischief guest. Had to call a psychic from Krasnoyarsk, which calmed the evil spirit. However, in this story do not believe it. Thus, the journalists who came to remove a supernatural phenomenon, the hosts on the threshold is not allowed. And in the village council hinted that the story far-fetched.

— There are places where the hell is really going on, — said one of krasnoyar.skih psychics, Alexander. — Many years ago I was faced with a bad apartment. The couple moved there and lost sleep, they tortured nightmares. I asked the neighbors and learned that a long time ago in the apartment hung boy. His mother drank themselves. The following tenants moved out from there six months after the housewarming. The apartment had a few fires, stabbing and unexpected death. But the families who settled there, started fighting and scandals.

UFO over the Yenisei

Glowing orbs in the sky often seen on Krasnoyarsk. Some said: this Chinese lanterns in the wind, while others believe that it is alien ships. In 2011, Krasnoyarsk walruses noticed a strange object, moving across the sky over the Yenisei. Respectable man, not prone to practical jokes and jokes, told reporters about a meeting with UFOs. In 2010, several of Krasnoyarsk saw plate, steamed over the houses in the neighborhood North. Michael was walking late at night with the dog. Suddenly she lifted her head and stood rooted to the spot.

— I looked up and saw a triangular object. It hung over the house. I thought it was a hallucination. Call a friend, he came with the camera. But your photos from. A triangular object slowly disappeared behind the house. Maybe someone ran a model, but why in two nights?

Russian ufologists assure that our region has long attracted a UFO. Even the Tunguska meteorite called fallen alien spacecraft. Plates and lights in the sky watching over 100 years. Retired Alexey Makarov during the Soviet time working on cutting in the forest.

— We did not know about UFOs. One night I was awakened comrades — flew over us a glowing ball. From it came a bright ray and fumbled on the ground. Truhanuli we fled. Then, I had seen a UFO. Some made strange hum, others blinked. I do not know that they are in the taiga was necessary. Close I never came.

Anomalous zones:

Tunguska inrush — strange sounds and lights in the sky, the disappearance of the animals.

Putorana Plateau — appear scorched the earth geometric shapes, sounds strange hum, move stones.

Jelenievas cave in the coastal cliff opposite the village of Bull Sentry Oatmeal — one of the most mysterious in the country. There have found a strange object, presumably dating from the 3rd millennium BC It is made of mammoth ivory that became extinct 10,000 years ago.

Red crest on the slope of the ridge Torgashinskogo — gravity anomaly. Witnesses say that there is rise in the air stones, and sometimes the people themselves.

Devil's fields, or the Devil's Cemetery in Angara. Stories about the place where all life dies — birds, plants, people — there were in the 20's of last century. The exact location is not set.


Evgenia Sorokina, medium

— Many strange things are explained quite simply. I was approached by a woman who is constantly disappearing jewelry. She believed that her spirit avenges her great-grandmother, whose apartment is renovated. And they dragged the cat. Sometimes in the apartment and then explode bulbs. This is not a poltergeist or a ghost, and problems with the supply voltage. Once neighbors testify told that they have a haunted barn. Flips buckets, wood adds a strange signs, strange moans and groans. Everything was explained homeless, who regularly spent the night there. Do not just blame the ghosts or UFOs have always sensible approach to such things.

Xenia gimlet

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