Hisar-A — Turkish air defense system has been tested

Hisar-A - Turkish air defense system has been tested
Turkey 6 October 2013 tests conducted antiaircraft missile complex short-range Hisar-A of its development, Jane’s reports with reference to the Secretariat of the military industry (SSM) of Turkey.
The tests were conducted at the site «Ace» in Asia Minor. According to the acquired data telemetry, anti-aircraft missiles launch was successful and met all design performances.
Development of a set Hisar-A Turkish company Aselsan engaged and Roketsan since 2008. First made radar, command and control and fire control, and the second — controlled anti-aircraft missiles and launchers.
Under current plans, a new air defense system should go into service in Turkey in 2017. The contract provides for delivery of 18 anti-aircraft systems Hisar-A and 27 — in the form of an option.
According to Jane’s, Hisar-A design assumes a vertical launch of missiles, but during the test launch launcher was at an angle. Also Hisar-A Turkish company is also engaged in the creation of anti-aircraft missile system of medium-range Hisar-B. At what stage is this development is not specified.

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