How much are the guarantee of the West?

How much are the guarantee of the West?
Military columnist for «Military-Industrial Courier» Oleg Falichev how many safeguards are West
Fate had fled from Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych is not very many people are interested in something and remembers the fate of former Soviet President Gorbachev Misha. Such as the rapid rise of the «combine» for imperative Olympus, the same worship of the West, the desire to sit on a 2-and chairs — an ignominious end with the collapse of the country, alienation from their own people, surrender values ​​of the country and geopolitical allies.

But most of all in this circus hit undisguised cynicism and hypocrisy of some Western politicians. It’s about foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland, who acts as a guarantor Yanukovych signed agreements. Who but they twisted his arms and actually pushed to their own renunciation, holding preterm presidential elections in late 2014!

Zaslantsy «civilized» world swore that they will faithfully observe the signed document to ensure fulfillment of the obligations Yanukovych before the end of the year, presidential immunity, preservation of life and health. Remarkable how can fool human colorful showcase of Western «democracy», first designed for advertising. 20 years of such propaganda, apparently, perfectly washed brains Yanukovych. Though a little shook his hand, and he signed the paper.

But what would be the guarantors of foreign ministers, when it comes to such a bold piece, like Ukraine. Where at the moment these gentlemen. Ay-oo? Why can not hear your voice in defense of violent poor Yorick. Do not remember your party everyday game thimbles? After everything that happened, happened against the backdrop of a forced change of power, breach of the Settlement Agreement in Ukraine February 21, signed by the president and the opposition. A witness its ministers supported by the U.S. effectively renounced agreements. Moreover, they themselves violated their substantive and do not recognize the legitimacy of the legitimately elected president, which gave firm assurances.

Currently in Ukraine chaos. Nationalists claim readiness to «restore order» in all regions Square. Sound the danger of physical execution of dissenters. Desecrated memorials heroes majestically Russian war, Ukraine liberated from fascism. Intensified last manifestation of nationalism, Russophobia Semitism. Just then Mrs. Merkel calls Obama and says that Putin … Tipo «lost touch with reality.»

Lord, who lost reality? Who for many years in the Baltic States and western regions of Ukraine prepared militants generously funded them? Who paid 150-200 dollars for each day of confrontation in the Maidan? Who shot «Berkut» and burned his fighters «Molotov cocktails»?

Do not argue, people have the right to protest, to disagree with the powers that be. But it must be done in a civilized manner, without violence and abuse of people and history.

What follows from all this conclusion? Do not Believe Greeks bearing gifts …

As at the time said the minister of foreign affairs of England, Lord Palmerston, the UK has no constant friends, and have abiding interests. In the era of globalization and heightened competition for resources in the world’s national interests and values ​​of performing on the first plan. Contradictions have been and remain. No spells of democracy and human rights should not priumenshat. Our homeland because if she wants to be independent and to be independent power, must keep in mind first of their own national interest. Given this factor, particularly to build its foreign policy and elect their own presidents. The role of personality in history has not been canceled.

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