How much does a call to the light?




Andrei Shcherbakov

Conventional science has long been considered the people who see and hear their deceased friends, schizophrenics. But today, many facts indicate that communication with the dead is under a perfectly rational explanation. Today, our interlocutor — parapsychologist Sergei Zebras, who for several years was an intern at the famous Esalen Institute in California, which has long engaged in the study of anomalous phenomena.

— No cases of the phenomenon of dead recorded a lot. Why is science for a long time was not engaged in the serious study of these fascinating facts?

— Because science, especially in Russia, was in the thrall of cheap materialism, which explained the world as a simple mechanical interaction of physical objects. The shift in the positive direction occurred in the middle of the last century, when physicists discovered the existence of the most strange phenomena that conventional science could not explain. For example, the existence of particles that appeared out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere. At the same time in the West there was a surge of interest in various kinds of mystical things — such as levitation (moving through the air), telepathy and, of course, the phenomenon of dead people's living.

— Probably, the intelligentsia was fascinated by Eastern philosophy and mysticism, for which communication with the dead was a daily occurrence?

— Not at all. Christian mysticism has also left us a rich collection of recorded cases of the phenomenon of dead and dying people alive. Many such examples, and in the Orthodox Church, to which the experience of the West to look closely. In the Esalen Institute has collected a huge amount of facts. They are simply amazing. For example, in the 60 years of the nineteenth century in Pereslavl of horse Jaeger regiment were two friends, one of whom was the Orthodox faith, and another — a Lutheran. They gave each other a pledge that whoever dies first, the other will be and tell that he expects his soul in the hereafter. All this was the case, the deceased was not one in a dream and reality. Survivor was so impressed that he sold all his possessions and devoted rest of his life to serving God.

Even more remarkable story of Prince Vladimir Dolgoruky, who served in the same years, the messenger at the Prussian court. He contracted there freethinking and stopped believing in God and the afterlife. His brother Peter scolded him, but Vladimir in response only laughed at his brother-obscurantist. And somehow, going to bed after a royal reception, Vladimir Dolgoruky saw in the dark, like a brother pulls back the curtain on his bed, walks up to him and touched his icy hand on his arm, said: "I am dying, and you're all the same Believe in God! "Vision immediately disappeared. A few days later, news came from Moscow, that just at the time of the vision in Berlin, Prince Peter died. After the incident, Vladimir refused to loose life and became a deeply religious man. These stories are now perceived as old wives' tales. But to no avail, because in modern life, they happen quite often. Just a long time, such cases are not investigated and systematized. According to the Esalen Institute in 2001 — 2004 years in the United States recorded 550 cases where the dead were alive and gave them various tips, talking about his time in the afterlife. And we are talking about people of various nationalities and religions. Most recently become known secret of long-term retreat of the great American writer Jerome Salinger, who after the creation of a masterpiece "The Catcher in the Rye" completely refused contact with the outside world. It appears, then it was the spirit of the darkest fantasy of all time, HP Lovecraft and advised to focus on self-knowledge through meditation and fasting, as well as the preparation for the journey to other worlds.

— Apparently, the phenomena of the living dead make a powerful impression. But why do they visit the chosen people and are always with an eye for an eye, and not have a mass character?

— Visions really come individually, in contrast to the auditory communication when messages from the world hear all participants Ouija. But it is important to distinguish between the vision of the dead from all sorts of ghosts. In the past a lot of the evil one, but the dead want to convey specifically to some of us some important news. Therefore, only the one who designed the information can see them clearly hear and understand the voice message.

— I heard that the science in light of the findings of recent decades have provided an explanation facts communicating the living with the dead.

— First of all, there has been progress in the study of the phenomenon, which we call the old-fashioned hallucinations. Attempts to explain the hallucinations violation of chemical exchange in the brain, fortunately, found untenable, since schizophrenia is associated with chaos and lack of logic, and the vision is always logically explained and related to the previous life of the man or his current problems. Also refuted the view that there are only hallucinations of a diseased imagination. Back in the 70s of the last century, our compatriot Gennady Kroholev removed by a special technique for photo and film, the traditional medicine believed hallucinations mentally ill people. Modern science says such visions original hologram, transfers through space and time information from any point lying in the universe, or even beyond. Including from the place where the souls of the dead.

— So why is this technique for fixing the visions of the dead did not become public knowledge?

— Because the short-term problems of medicine concerned authorities do not want to fund "irrelevant" research. For example, the Esalen Institute was looking forward to the support of the U.S. government after it collected and analyzed information on the phenomena of the dead September 11, 2001 to their relatives. Where there. But they contained warnings of impending disasters to mankind, including the dreadful earthquake and tsunami in December 2004. We have to still rely on the support of individuals.


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