How to prune apple seedlings?

In order to keep getting good yields bulk apples (especially in difficult climatic conditions), along with the best varieties of apple trees are very important to choose the form of the crown of cultivated trees. So, is required for correct and timely pruning.

I try to use when forming pruning "magic" numbers three, VA Sergeenko, personal archive

I try to use when forming pruning "magic" numbers three, VA Sergeenko, personal archive

For heavy weather of my country site (Altay) the most appropriate forms of the crown of apple are or stlantsevaya or bush. For example, a good showing Krasnoyarsk stlanets bush and spherical shape.

I have a small site, only four hundred, so the cultivation of apple trees as stlantsev had to give — such trees, though very tolerant of harsh winters, and a guaranteed good yields, taking up too much space. Therefore, I have chosen only the hardy varieties of apple trees, and they grow in a bush form (although in some years the winter freeze slightly.)

Pruning apple trees I do every year, but with spring pruning is never in a hurry. First, always give time to move away from the apple tree winter buds, and only then, in June, when it becomes clear exactly which branches were particularly affected, proceed to trimming trees.

For myself, I chose a simple and intuitive way to trim that recommends gardener AM Gavrilovsky of Barnaul. Only need to remember in this way key (according to the author — "magic") number — three.

Code the first time I planted permanent seedling apple trees — usually in the spring — the right to cut it so that it remained only three growth buds. During the summer of them grows the same three branches, that is a kind of apple turns bush.

Next spring every twig trimming again the same way. Leave three growth buds, and all the other ruthlessly removed. By the fall of the second year of this apple tree already is a shrub of the nine branches. In the third year, all nine branches again cut off at three kidneys, and that forms the crown trim ends. The result is an apple from the same bush 27 branches.

Then in the spring each crop in each of the 27 branches leave one bud growth, and the rest try to delete. Fruit buds, of course, leave, and they do very well developed. In this apple tree begins to bear fruit early, and quite profusely.

In addition to this all summer and all other emerging lateral branches with growth buds regularly pinch. Crohn's, so not thickened, gets a lot of light and heat, and a tree grows well.

Of course, do not always go as smoothly turns to form and remain in the crown of the 27 branches of the same. Something freezes, happens harm rabbits or mice, something breaks, etc. But still, if you try to use in shaping pruning "magic" number three, the crown is obtained in the form of more or less symmetrical and smooth bush not more than 3-3.5 m In partial defeat frost it easy to recover, and the apple tree continues to bear fruit.

At present, the fruit-bearing apple trees I have after two consecutive very cold winters only two survived. This sort Gornoaltayskaya and Gift gardener. But I do not despair. All apples have their own roots. Seedlings of many years I grow myself and my young seedlings grown in abundance, so I hope with little effort and cost to restore its apple mini-garden.

After all, Apple not only provides delicious apples, but is a real gem of the site all summer! This is a very beautiful tree, and at the time of flowering and fruit ripening time, so just abandon the apple I'm not going, despite the vagaries of the weather!

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