Hypothesis: The Earth will enter a new time dimension

October 27, 2011 15:58

Earth will enter a new time dimensionMANKIND has a great quantum leap

All the current problems — the global financial crisis, global warming, global terrorism, earthquakes, floods and other disasters — seem sheer trifle compared with what may await us in the near future.

The hypothesis of the great quantum leap, which tried to scientifically substantiate the Russian physicist Leonid Maslov, like a sci-fi movie script: Catholic Christmas Eve in 2012 changed the physical parameters, and the planet, along with all the inhabitants up to be a different time dimension.

 By the way, a great impetus to research the quantum transition Leonid Maslov gave St. Petersburg late Professor Valentin Karelin — Scientists who personally knew the author of the note.

Karelin had a phenomenal gift to give correct predictions, using intuition. "There is no thought, there mysleshlenie — said Karelin. — The correct answer is, we can get directly from God! "

Maslov understood words Karelin, when visited at dawn on Mount Moses in Egypt. It was then, according to his confession, he and the "Open Channel", he began to record coming into his head the message to the people of Earth.


End of time, which is written in many scriptures, can occur without global floods, fires and other torments. People will feel the joy — as if just come out in a lush garden of a stuffy room. Everything will be different — time will flow differently, and we finally behold Other — Invisible — a world accessible angels …

According to contactees (they call themselves experts on channeling), a new dimension will move people with a pure and kind heart. It is hard to imagine, but it turns out, good intentions have a different frequency than the evil. Simplifying to the primitive, we get something like a dress code in the elite club. Only here do not lend a good soul like a tuxedo …

By the way, theoretically key to sort the people in terms of spirituality, there is. And it does not depend on the color of the skin, the level of education and intelligence, and the degree of belief. Academician Tatyana spondylitis and colleagues a decade ago, conducted a series of experiments have shown that during the prayer change brain biorhythms. If a person truly believes in God, then that may be the key to our common paradise after 2012. Energy vibration of the human body of the believer is much higher than that of the atheist, and the quantum transition is, it seems, will be crucial.


Great quantum transition, according to the prophets esoteric — a cosmic revolution which purify the human race from the spiritual dirt and vices with which the people themselves can not handle thousands of years.

The inhabitants of other worlds and civilizations, as predicted by the famous American contactee Kryon (apparently meaning Kryon through famous American contactee Lee Carroll. — Ed.), Will make contact with the earth, having accomplished the great quantum leap. "We are of one blood" — they say, like Kipling's Mowgli. Or: "We are at the same level of vibration" — a medium-esoteric higher blood put wave relationship.

"In 2012, he completed a 26-thousand-year period granted to mankind for self-development in a material world. Finished giving people absolute freedom in their actions and deeds. Ahead of a new life in a high consciousness and high sense of responsibility.

The main condition of the transition to a new life is the human desire for fulfillment of the laws of harmonious development. But to mankind in the form in which it exists today, it is equivalent to the sentence. "Possible date of the passing of esotericism called December 21, 2012. Previous cosmic cycle race finished fourth death and disappearance of Atlantis. Then from the two billion people survived the Fourth race around a million people. Which of almost seven billion of the current population of the Earth will be great quantum transitions and transforms into a fifth (from the Fifth to the Sixth. — Ed.) Race?

Doctor of Technical Sciences Leonid Maslov — one of the most famous Russian contactees — describes the great quantum leap, "Streams of high frequency energy to change the geometry of space and all the world will translate to a higher level of energy vibrations. For people it will transition into a four-vision of space, into a highly Peace, pin Parallel Worlds, where criterion of rights is not material interests, and the high level of consciousness. "

2012: Quantum Leap changed the fate of the PLANET

"The scale of the planetary changes that we have to go through, it's difficult to imagine, and no exact science can not predict, much less describe all that awaits your world in the coming years," — says Leonid Maslov in his book "The people of the New Revelation the century. " He claims that the truth of it obtained them from representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Believe it or not — everyone can decide for themselves. But it is impossible to ignore, the whole world is now in a deep systemic crisis, and every person, every nation is looking for himself out of the damn maze, which we ourselves have painted themselves in the pursuit of gold and pleasure …

According to the hypothesis Maslova, in the world after 2012 will exchange financial, economic and political structures.

"Shares of banks and enterprises become an empty piece of paper — the scientist. — People in the world have created a world of illusion, based on values, meaningless to the universe, and in opposition to God's plan. This World is all a thing of the past. "

After 2012, followed by a grand time — Golden Millennium.

"The time will come when all people are aware of themselves when they realize that they — one, and then the border will disappear and there will come a time of peace and prosperity — is broadcasting" American "Kryon. — Diseases are gone, you will live in a young, continuously updated physical body or in the subtle body as much as you see fit for themselves. Many of knowledge open to you, and people will remember the first of many hidden talents in themselves. We learn to manage our surrounding everywhere infinite energy and create out of it what you want. We can go without food or do the minimum. We met many beings — our older brothers and sisters, who love us and help us now. "The idea of the quantum leap successfully beat not only the various psychics, preachers, and filmmakers. In the U.S. lifted the famous series «Quantum Leap». His hero Higher Powers throw in the past, so he changed the future.

A note from the Moscow newspaper "Life» (N4, 2011)
Author: Gregory Telnov

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