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November 29, 2012 1:13

Scientists haunt supernormal person. From year to year, leading figures of science cross swords on the topic: what is parapsychology — quackery or science?

The lion's share of these studies focused on the study of one of the most controversial powers Homo sapiens — predicting the future. Recently Julia Mossbridzh neuroscientist at Northwestern University of Illinois examined 49 studies conducted from 1978 to 2010.

In them, scientists have tried to prove that the people are able to see the future. All works have been carefully selected for the purity of the experiment. As a result, 23 of them were removed from the list. It tells the neuroscientist, 26 of the remaining works comply with all requirements to research.

She compared the results and came to a sensational conclusion: the man really can anticipate what will happen in the near future. Julia Mossbridzh explains there are two types of foresight. First — this is a logical function of the nervous system. For example, if a person sees the dark clouds in the sky and feel the special smell in the air, he said that the rain was about to start.

Or if we hear the barking, you probably will soon close dog. However, those predictions that scientists call daily based on life experience. Studies are interested American neuroscientist concerned spontaneous cases of predicting the future, when people did not have any information from the outside, pointing to future events.

In the mood Feelings

The standard scheme of all these experiments was as follows. Subjects — men and women of all ages and people from very different social groups — was seated in a comfortable chair or lie down on the couch offered. Then the weight wrong numerous sensors detect the change of physiological parameters of the body and the brain.

Medical instrumentation recorded the general background and the slightest change in body temperature, heart rate, pressure, brain activity and other key indicators. Next, the experimenters showed subjects a certain set of photos, which in most cases have been depicted in a neutral manner — for example, the sky, the sea, mountains, trees.

However, among a number of illustrations and images present certain events or people that are important to any person, and for an individual in particular. To find a meaningful way, psychologists conducted with each subject preliminary conversation. Because these images are certainly would stimulate the subconscious.

For example, participants in the experiment were able to show the alleged lover's wife or show cause him fear a storm, fire, war. For the purity of the experiment, scientists launched a program of random image display or ask a person not interested in the results of the study show cards experimental.

The results of the 26 selected studies Julia Mossbridzh brought together and calculated that in many cases the unit detects a disturbance test for a few seconds before they see the picture that was to hurt their feelings. The man looked through one neutral picture after another, on the background of the normal heart rate and other parameters suddenly accelerated heart rate and body temperature rises slightly.

And it happens every time for 2-10 seconds before it, not waiting for that, had to see, for example, the image of a burning house. That this is not a gift of foresight? Scientists believe that we have achieved the objective evidence of unusual abilities. "If you are on sensitive perception of the body, then it can find out what's important to you to happen in the next 10 seconds," — says the American neuroscientist and lead a simple life example: Imagine that you are playing a computer game at work, sitting at This headphones.

You can not hear your boss comes to the door, but at the same time somehow fold toy. However, this is a primitive use of a special gift. The researcher notes that anticipation only concerns are important to human events.

I see so

Similar studies were conducted not only in the West, but also in our country. According to MD, a professor, an expert on perception subsensornogo Vyacheslav Zvonikov, as head of the special psychophysiological laboratory in Ministry of Interior from 1989 to 1993, he frequently conducted similar experiments with psychics, ordinary citizens and patients suffering from mental illnesses.

The experimental conditions were even tougher Western. Thus, pictures that can cause changes in physiological parameters in humans were in envelopes. Nevertheless, the results were about the same. While Vyacheslav Zvonikov notes that both psychics, and ordinary people have shown almost equal ability in short-term foresight. In mental illness results were much better.

It turns out that every person can be a visionary? Vyacheslav Zvonikov absolutely sure of, however, notes that "it is only necessary to know and to how to pull yourself out of it." For corrosive scientists important addition to the practical side is another question: how to explain it? After all, the laws of physics we are given time at a given point of the universe, and nothing is reversible.

How, then, one can obtain information about the event, which will take place at a different point, and at another time? Rector of the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis, the president of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Professor Mikhail Reshetnikov explains: "There are physical theory, which can be trusted or not. One of them is the fact that space and time are reversible quantities.

Times you can go back in time, you can go into the future. In theory and formulas is allowed. " In fact, we limit our thinking beyond the three-dimensional space. Certainly possible and multidimensional that exist so far only in the complex physical theories — such as string theory, spiral galaxies, asymmetric spaces.

Talk about them today only theoretical physicists. Knowledge exists independently of us, and we are getting closer to it. After all, before Newton discovered the law of gravity, he did it from the beginning. The same may be the case with others, yet undiscovered laws of nature, which would be able to explain the phenomenon of vision.

And probably every one of us will be able to develop the ability to see the future than 10 seconds ahead, and, say, 10 minutes. How many errors can thus be avoided! Mankind has a realistic chance of itself create a brave new world.

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