If the future is determined, whether the information about it to change it?

November 17, 2011 14:30

This short post attempt to put some interesting questions. An attempt to answer them would take much more volume. Q: If the future is determined, whether the information about it to change it? On one side of the face logical contradiction. Predestination implies permanence. But if a correction — in the absence of predetermined observer, because he appears, in a moment of the future becomes the past, everything falls into place. If information about the event is, but there is no action, nothing changes. The system remains in balance. If the steps are made, depending on the size of the potential certainty otherwise inertia causal series.

 Before going further, it follows will concern the nature of causality and time itself. It is considered that the time vector value and the arrow clearly directed from the past to the future. Proof consider entropy and irreversible processes. At the expense of the latter point, all a bit far-fetched. If we do not observe the reversible processes, this does not prove their absence. Moreover, at the quantum level, the reversibility in the order of things, and this level is primary in relation to the macro lens. The conventional paradigm does not fit the reality of where confirmed predictions. If it is possible to obtain information about the future, it is possible, the conclusion is the following. Or the time moves from the future to the past, or both co-exist and only time feature of human perception. You can of course take into account the theory of the multiverse of Everett, but it eventually will come down to these two options.
Of course, the absolute predestination is unlikely, because the energy and information are property of interacting dissipate and create fluctuations. Rather, there is a superposition of both in any quantum system, and realized only one possibility out of many. Here again we come to the inertia of causality.

You will notice that the universe, rather ordered structure. Hence, an event that must be realized is the highest energy potential. He is so great that the information on it is able to assume human or animal. Remember how animals anticipating flooding, collapse of buildings and similar unfortunate events. Oracle announced to the public about the event. There were those who believed him. Take action to prevent something. It will happen or not? According to the author's post, because the universe has the highest level of connectivity (that would understand look at the stars) will cause interference with the reaction force. What they will take the form is unknown. If the universe has a rational organization, and, apparently, this is so, the form can be anything. Up to the physical address of the initiator of intervention. Indeed, in this case, the oracle is like a virus in the information network. If momentum is small, and the event may have almost equiprobable different outcome oracle can sleep peacefully.

We come to another interesting issue related to the first. The existence of prophets fluctuation in the system or part of a general plan? Factor counter can be implemented as follows. The event will happen, but at other times and in other circumstances. Oracle also intervened in an effort similar to the collapse of the wave function will inevitably become part of the process. Simply put, the line of his life is changing in line with that of the changing process. He may start to fall into a situation from which tries to save others. Formed a temporary cluster of many human lives. Hard to be a seer probably …

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