If they say that everything will be okay — you're in trouble

Alexander Lukashenko said that the most difficult stage of the economic crisis in Belarus has already passed, and soon the situation will stabilize. Correspondents of "Freedom" in the regions of interest in the situation on the currency and consumer markets: true whether the statements of the country, and that about the current economic realities require people.

Grodno region

Pending Home

In Grodno free to buy the currency exchange offices in the bank is no longer possible. People sit all day and wait until someone will take the dollars, euros or Russian rubles, then to buy them. In the words of President Lukashenko that "all the worst is behind us," Few believe.

At the railway station in Grodno next three exchangers, but in none of them did not sell the currency. A man of thirty waiting for someone to come and pass the currency to buy it immediately. The dollar exchange rate on the label remains the same — 3100.

People silently sit, stand, leaning on the wall. This is a tacit expectation here at the station, waiting for some kind of resembles a train that runs only once a day.

I see that those people sad, and I try to cheer Mr. saying that President Lukashenko said that all the worst is behind us.

"They give empty promises"

Man: "I think it is unlikely that will change. They are simply wasting time, give empty promises and, by the way, is not the first time. And if they say that all is well — there is a catch, you're in trouble. I have have not faith to the Belarusian authorities. "

Two young men say that to stand here all day, taking turns going, if you need anything. What will happen with the money, they do not represent.

"It is not known at all that there will be a currency …".

"If the president said, then … let's hope." (He laughs.)

"Food prices will not drop ever"

They have no faith, and that with rising food prices that will change.

Today went out to the store — one price, and tomorrow is another …

Guy: "Food prices will not drop ever …".

Girl: "None of the supplies for the last time is not lost, everything is just more expensive."

By joining our conversation still gentlemen, they say that the currency can now be purchased only from currency speculators.

Man: "We have to Devyatovtsy and everywhere there are queues for currency. Soon again become money changers everywhere …".

Money changers stand at ATM

Second man:
"Already there are money changers everywhere near the ATM, I have seen it, buying and selling …".

I asked the gentlemen — whether they believe in change that promises to Alexander Lukashenko?

Mr."Nothing will change, will be even worse. And prices will rise, and so they have every night and every day growing up. Today went out to the store — one price, and tomorrow is another. Then no changes will be made, will only get worse" .

Second man: "Probably none of this would be even worse, we're going to worse …".


"No matter how many repeats the word" halva "…"

Many Brest residents are suspicious of the country's leadership said that the situation on the currency and consumer markets stabilized. Currency exchange offices as there was no, or not. In the consumer market, many expect appreciation.

People stand in line in vain in the exchangers. Recently, the currency is almost no one passes. In such circumstances, many are lucky to neighboring Poland diesel fuel, sugar. Make money by selling these goods is not possible, but the interest is to get their products or Polish Zloty Euro. A resident of Brest Zinaida had often traveled to prices in Ukraine. Previously, it was possible to pass the Belarusian ruble. In the last month, the situation has changed:

No no currency

"It used frequently to Ukraine, where the cheap goods acquired. But that week was probably the last time. Fact earlier could change Belarusian rubles on the hryvnia. But suddenly I was told that there was a course equivalent to 4,000 rubles per dollar. Therefore, all do not go. "

The head of state said that the worst thing in the foreign exchange market and the consumer has already passed. A resident of Brest Nina does not believe these words:

"That's not true. Just at the bank asked if the hryvnia. They told me that there is Ukrainian money. Pursuit heard that in general there is no currency in the market. As for the consumer market, the retail sugar is still there. If I am not mistaken , the cost of its 3260 rubles. But I am convinced that we should expect higher prices. "

A resident of Brest Victor believes that in the situation and the currency, and the products are guilty of power:

"Honestly, I'm not interested right now currency. Why is not she in exchange why people are buying up large quantities of food — the answers to these questions must know first of all power."

Brest businessman Vladimir, who had a shop, decided to discontinue business activities:

"It is impossible to conduct trade."

To trade in our country is impossible …

"The last few days and so I worked with a minus. And before that, a significant number of suppliers, which represent about 50% of the assortment in my store, announced that they would suspend operations on the territory of Belarus. Reasons were not disclosed, but I believe that they are so on the surface. conduct trading activities in our country is impossible. "

Statement by the President that the foreign exchange and the consumer market situation has stabilized, is not true, says an entrepreneur in whose shop is already hangs a sign "Closed":

"There are about good oriental saying how much you may say" paste "in the mouth of sweet will not. Currency disappeared, it does not exist in reality. So if we now say that it is not true that it is enough — it's just medical diagnosis. "


Canceled commercial flights under threat — guided tours

Mogilev region as a result of the currency crisis are losing travel agencies that provide services to entrepreneurs in the travel item abroad. Threatened them and the proceeds of the summer holidays.

The fact that the demand for shopping tours abroad decreased, told the entrepreneurs themselves. Do not go with what item in the diaspora, said businessman Igor:

"Buses began to go less often. Instead of two times a week — just once collected. Number of applicants" Zatar "significantly reduced. How much will it last is unknown."

According to local commodity traders and ordinary people spazhprostyya often chosen to Moscow, as well as in Ukraine — in Chernigov and Odessa. The fact that the demand for such trips has decreased, in travel agencies confirmed.

It remains only ride in Belarus …

"Decreased? Not just down, and dramatically decreased. People do not have money. Nowhere to buy the currency. And they will not go. Calling refuse. Said that there is no money. Same t
hing will happen in the summer with trips to the sea. Remains only ride on Belarus ", — said an employee of one of the Mogilev tour operators.

The situation is similar in Bobruisk. A local entrepreneur who carries people abroad ask how sensitive the losses?

Reporter: "In twenty or thirty percent?".

Businessman"Probably more, since so many groups now removed. Commercial flights to Moscow and Kiev — this is God is with him. But taken and sightseeing trips. We is threatened Crimea. We can not make the schedule. Not only people can not go to Europe, now and in the Crimea. "

The entrepreneur asked, as it relates to the application Lukashenko relatively rapid stabilization of the currency?

Worth UAH 375 Belarusian rubles, now — 1000.

"He said that this issue for a couple of days seems to be solved. But how to stretch these couple of days and at what rate is the currency? That is the question. Ukrainians have determined its course. One Hryvnia — our thousand rubles, 375 rubles as against at the official rate. That is three times more expensive. "

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