Igor Prokopenko about UFOs and aliens of national importance

December 6, 2012 11:20

Igor Prokopenko about UFOs and aliens of national importance

Igor Prokopenko about UFOs and aliens of national importance

The fact that knowledge of the world is not limited to school textbook of natural history, and the stagnation of domestic science. On signature of Berlioz the word God and the problems of modern television. On the large dining table and another that had twenty years ago, he would have said that he will write a book about aliens, he twirled a finger to his temple.

"Military Secret", "battle of civilizations", "Territory errors" — it is his television projects, rating and watchable, and, you know, really interesting. It is always interesting — an alternative point of view on such well-known and somewhat banal. And program it too, without frills, without undue "chips", which replace the content. Although the adaptability and dynamics they can not refuse. And it's an interesting writer, in his books prosecting secret springs and hidden mechanisms of global events. His book "Aliens of national importance", "The Chechen Trap," "Storm of consciousness" — this is a very interesting and cleverly written conspiracy investigation.

But the categories of personal observation: nice when real TV star without arrogance, and, sorry, Ponte agrees to talk with the provincial journalist because I, a provincial journalist Sergey Prudnikov, it asked. Thus, fragments of the conversation and the press conference visited Omsk writer, journalist, TV presenter Igor Prokopenko, "SuperOmsk" offers its readers.

On the "horror stories" in its programs

This is not true, we are not going to scare anyone. On the contrary, we intend to offer our viewers an alternative view on the processes taking place in the world. If you look carefully at our programs, we can see that at the end of each program is given of the topic, explains what happens in reality. None of the program, we are not saying that we're through with the end of the world, pack your things. On the contrary, I advise you not to get involved in apocalyptic predictions and always say that life is beautiful, and everything in it is up to us. But seriously, our program say about the unknown, to answer questions that face our audience. Here are the twenty-first the entire civilized world will be celebrating the apocalypse, and we are talking about that and think. Here we have to answer questions about the phenomenon, but first explain what, exactly, we are frightened.


If I were twenty years ago when I was a political journalist, said that I would write a book "Aliens of national importance" — I would strongly disagree. Like most normal people, I thought the stories about UFO tales. But one day, in 1991, working in a closed military archives in Berlin, I came across an amazing document. This folder contained a list of personnel who observed UFOs in rocket range. It was an official document signed by the head of the special department of the division. It was like a signature on a document by Berlioz, which would say that God is … From that moment began my fascination with UFO research.

Knowledge about alternative

We do not offer ready-made formulas, we propose to think about. We all live in the knowledge of natural history textbook for the fourth grade. This is unfair. From this point of talking about aliens look complete foolishness. But open in Yandex section "Science" and see that every day, reported a huge amount of scientific information, it is not unconscionable blindfolded man. There are always talking about planets where life is possible, of anomalous phenomena that natural history textbook does not explain. About UFOs. Why, in the last decade hundreds of exoplanets discovered, in which life is possible. And talking about it is not crazy ufologists, but a very serious scientists from around the world.

On modern television

From the point of view of global trends television today is in deep crisis. This is evidenced by a huge drop in attendance figures. Why? TV is in a state of intense competition from other media. What is the square this thing hanging in every home? This is something utilitarian crafts? But today, the TV — the Internet, the program is available on request, it is interactive. That's the era when the man looked what he was offered, leaves. That's why television community is today in some confusion. That's what the television — is a large dining table, which is both the first and second, and a salad, and fruit compote, or a great number of small tables with special dishes. Today lots of different channels: one sport, the other children's programs and policies on the tenth, the hundredth story. That's, like, the way it should be, and the guys are at it! So: TV — is a lazy way of knowledge of reality. I support the view that the TV still survive the crisis, and will remain general format, that is, a large dining table, which is everything.

How can save your rating program "Military Secret" produced for 14 years

And the program is constantly changing. Retained the name, the brand, but is constantly changing content, ways of presenting information, update themes and new headings.

The Chechen war

When I went to the first Chechen, I said to myself — this is my last war. This war has struck me cynical, ugly cynicism. And the level of betrayal. Such treachery Russian army did not know any of the wars.

How Igor Prokopenko can get into the most private archives, which his intelligence agency "roof"

The thing is that we are all these years living without the "roof." We are truly independent, and it makes life easier.

On whether there is a secret which he never tells his viewers

There are some secrets to learn that society just is not ready. There are secrets that I have no right to speak. You know, my reference book is the Law "On State Secrets of the Russian Federation."

That would take with him to the post-apocalyptic future life Igor Prokopenko

I would take all, perhaps. I'm not giving up on anything that I've done.

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