Immigrants from Atlantis

December 19, 2011 11:58

Casey was convinced that the key to unlocking the Atlantis to be found in the Egyptian pyramids. According to his theory of Atlantis copies of documents evidencing its history and civilization, the Atlanteans were moved to "Hall of Chronicles." Was the name of a small pyramid, located between the Sphinx's right paw and the River Nile.

Edgar Cayce believed that this pyramid are the body of immigrants from Atlantis. He predicted, and the date when it is detected Hall chronicles — about 2000. It will find a variety of ornaments, tables, printing, tools and other items of ancient identities.

Date of construction of the pyramid of Cheops, named Casey, ranges somewhere between 10,490 and 10,390 years BC. Around the same time, a Sphinx.

And Edgar Cayce even named the exact location of certain information in the Sphinx. This information was to tell mankind about the period when in Egypt there was great progress as a result of the coming of the advanced Atlanteans. According to Casey, the information should be in the corner stone base legs Sphinx.

The information that was carrying a pyramid of Cheops, covers, perhaps, in human history, up to 1998 of our time. Casey claimed that at the appointed time on earth will be great Messiah, who came to fulfill the prophecy that is stored in the Hall of the fossil record.

Great Pyramid Casey called a "pyramid of understanding."

He suggested that it was established on the basis of universal laws. The pyramid is designed for higher goals than just landfill, located inside its mathematical and astronomical evidence that in 1998 the earth will undergo a number of changes.

In the same year can change the poles. The appearance of the Messiah on earth just causes changes occur. In the pyramid there is a description of these changes, however, they are encrypted.

So, Casey has long predicted that humanity is open Egyptian secret vault and prove the existence of a civilization that existed thousands of years ago.

Although the exact date of this, probably, to name no one can, but the predictions can draw some conclusions, namely, modern mankind could bring the same destruction as the ancient Atlanteans.

It happened. In 1989 with the help of special equipment a group of Japanese scientists from Waseda University, headed by Professor Sakudzhi Ioshimura, found under the left paw of the Sphinx, a narrow tunnel leading to the side of the pyramid of Khafre.

It started at a depth of two meters and went down the pan.

In addition, they found a large cavity at the north-western wall of the Queen's Chamber and the "tunnel" from the outside and to the south of the pyramid, leaving a monument.

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