In 2012, people can mentally influence the ongoing events

December 26, 2011 17:08

"KP" learned how they see the coming year mystics and scientists.
On the eve of the upcoming Christmas holidays we often think about the fact, what surprises in store for us the coming year. Moreover, many called it the end of the world. After all, he completed a famous calendar created by the ancient civilization of the Maya, who lived some time in Central America.

We tried to lift the veil of mystery and learn from the clairvoyant and scientist of the events, which are expected in 2012.

OPINION parapsychologist

Magdalena Welt, a follower of Wang: "A lot of people will increase intuition and telepathy manifest itself."
— Before talking about the year 2012, I would back up a bit and focus on the important event that took place this year, but it will affect our future. I mean the date 11.11.11. It was a momentous event for the entire planet, as in the day to open a portal that connects us to other worlds. How will it to humanity? A lot of people over the next 18 months will receive enlightenment, inspiration. Some manifest pronounced intuition and even telepathy. Moreover, the calmer and more positive person, the greater it will be for these changes.

2012 — in any case, is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a more positive and a good time on Earth. The era of materialism, where the idol of money, and ends with humanity moves to another stage in its development where all the lowly will be gradually destroyed.

Another distinguishing feature of the coming time — is that the reality will be more dependent on thoughts, words and actions of man. So if you want to live well, calm, harmony — think positive.

2012 will be good for people with a good heart, caring not only for himself but also for others.

Those born in the years ending in 1, 2, 3, 4 in 2012, with making quick decisions and a lack of conflict, can achieve a higher standard of living. But while they do not need to seek justice and uphold certain principles.

Those people, birth years ending in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, held in 2012 through certain obstacles. And only through humility, patience, lack of hesitation and fear, they will be able to enjoy all the wonders that will come around.

Born in the year that ends in 0, in 2012, will be particularly vulnerable, as they have increased sensitivity. Calmly to everything going on, and developed a sense of confidence that they will be able to pass all the tests.

Opinion of the Scientific

Nikolai Perov, Candidate of Sciences, Deputy Director of the Marshall Center. Tereshkova: "Doomsday will not."
According to the scientist, in 2012 it will be very unusual. This is due to the fact that in this time of increased solar activity is expected, which usually happens once every 11 years, and has already started this year.

A flood of particles ejected from the sun at high speed will hit the ground, causing magnetic storms, and providing a tangible impact on people, and technology, and on the climate of our planet.

And, if in the last few years the geomagnetic field of the earth happened restless for several days, in 2012, this phenomenon can be observed for several weeks. — At this time approximately 20% of the probability of occurrence of various anomalies and disasters, people have exacerbated chronic diseases — said Nikolai Perov. — During periods of solar flares in humans may become more frequent hallucinations. For example, at this time usually increases the number of reports of UFO visits and other mysticism. But the writers, poets and artists at a time often upswing creativity. Perturbation of the magnetic field can trigger auroras far south of the North Pole.

But the idea of replicated end the world in 2012, the scientist does not support. He has his own opinion about the Mayan predictions.
— We, along with historians have analyzed the Mayan calendar, and came to the conclusion that on it they defined their term agricultural work — when to cut down trees in the area for the future of the field, to have time to dry them and burn before the rainy season, when you can re-sow "rest" field etc. In fact, besides the moon, sun, planets and stars of the Maya had no landmarks. So they tied the initiation of work to certain cosmic phenomena — said Nikolai Perov. — The end of the calendar, which falls in 2012, the only means that you have completed a certain cycle and should begin NEXT. According to the Yaroslavl scientists, that the change of the Mayan era coincides with the so-called "parade of planets," in which some astrologers perceive fatal sign, made of simple convenience. After all, when the sky in a narrow sector is going to several bright celestial bodies, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the moon and still observed an eclipse of the moon — a very comfortable and memorable point of reference. — There is nothing sinister in this Mayan seen. Conversely, happy turn of time as we rejoice in the New Year. And the concept of "end of the world" they were not there — summed Nikolai Perov.

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