In a message to Lukashenko dominated by two themes: Area and attack

Alexander Lukashenko spoke with the message of the National Assembly. His speech was short a record for the last time — 2.5 hours, half an hour sounded answers to questions from MPs. The Belarusian mainly addressed the topics he touched on in earlier speeches: Minsk terrorist attack, the election of December 19, the conflict with the West, the exchange and the food crisis, the need to conserve resources and foreign investment.

The main issues that affect the Belarusian society, Alexander Lukashenko addressed at the very beginning of his speech. And combined them into a chain of events allegedly associated with evidence, that Belarus experiencing massive pressure:

"First, political threats, rejection of the results of the last presidential campaign, lists of banned, economic sanctions, then razdmuhvanne rush and panic on the consumer and the foreign exchange market with the filing of various local and foreign analysts. Then dance on the bones of the events at the station "October" in the subway. All this is, in fact, the links of one chain. "

Belarus try to "tilt" — the verb Lukashenko used a few times, they want to get to dance to the tune of others:

"If you say it simply, we want to get to be like everyone around us as they are, in the end."

Alexander Lukashenko quite unexpectedly concluded that the West is now allegedly has not criticized Belarus for the last presidential election, and thereby seemingly acknowledged their democratic:

Speaking in a simple way, we want to get to be like everyone around us.

"They beat us for that? For the fact that this dictator disbanded the people who stormed the Government House. But we do not shoot. "

Be as "all around", Lukashenko is going, a lot of times he emphasized fallacy previous policy of democratization, which was carried out under the influence of the West and from which his "sick." But still hopes to normalize relations after the election tainted with the European Union:

"Yes, today in Belarus-EU relations to take a time-out. Much is said on our side very frankly said. I think that this time out, however, will not last. We need each other. "

Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian opposition is constantly called a "fifth column" and spoke of her with threats of destruction. Among other things, he said that he hoped to eliminate the possibilities for its foreign funding:

"We need to close this bird feeder. No political processes, and even the media can not be financed from outside the country. Today it's got to stop. "

Lukashenko many times returned to the topic of the Minsk terrorist attack on April 11. Among other things, he said that it led to excessive democratization of the presidential election. Lukashenko have reflected aloud, which was the reason for the attack:

Who has not complied, and the bones that have rotted.

"There is no religious basis. To say that it's on a national basis, that we have offended someone in Belarus — well, it was not like that. Gang violence? So I can honestly say that 10 years ago, those groups who came here in its time, of Soviet panties up — we have them cleaned up very quickly to the order. Who has not complied, and the bones that have rotted. "

Meanwhile, Lukashenko said that one of those arrested for the attack — a member of the Youth Union.

In the economic part of his speech was dominated by calls to save: the government will not build as much as before, including housing and arenas, to reduce aid to enterprises, scientists and athletes, will reduce the number of state newspapers. However, Lukashenko promised to green light to foreign investment and private business.



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