In Australia, the rain poured down from the dead chickens




Witnessed an unusual phenomenon were residents of the suburb of Newcastle. Several local homes were bombed chicken carcasses that fell on the roof from the sky.

said the mistress of one of the affected houses 28-year-old Warrick Slee, returning home one day, she found a hole in the roof. At the same time there was such a stink if someone died in the house, with a long time. At first the woman thought they had left something in the trash can, and it's something began to go out. But in the bucket nothing suspicious was found, and it was to see the house. That's when a woman and noticed a hole in the roof of one tile missing, and two neighbor were broken. The hostess went up to the attic and found a source of the stench of a ceiling — chicken decomposed body around which fly flies.

According to Miss Slee, a month ago she had read about a similar case in the newspaper. Then the chicken carcass and struck the roof of a building located nearby.

Another victim of a strange rain was 34-year-old Lara Riley, who also discovered the remains of the broken shingles and chicken in the house. However, according to Ms. Riley, there is no mystery here. It suggests that throwing chickens are engaged in poultry, which is swarming with a nearby landfill. Birds pick up where the carcass, and then throw them, because with such a burden too heavy to fly.


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