In Azerbaijan, there was another earthquake

In Shirvan region of Azerbaijan was an earthquake.

As reported the Republican Seismological Center of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the earthquake occurred at 15:23:51 in Shirvan region.

The coordinates of the earthquake totaled 40,270 with 48,960 V, the magnitude of — 3 points, depth-11 miles. The earthquake occurred 35 kilometers north of the city of Shirvan. The earthquake was not felt, no casualties or damage.

Recall that according to official data of the National Seismological Center, Academy of Sciences, in the Shirvan region of Azerbaijan in the morning there were two strong aftershocks.

The first occurred on March 14 in 7:52:25. Coordinates were thrust — 40,270 C 49,210 V, the magnitude of — 4.40 points, depth — 26 kilometers.

Second push occurred there, in 8:26:41. Its coordinates were — from 49,040 to 40,270, the magnitude of — 3.50 points, depth — 35 kilometers.

Timur Rzayev

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