In Belarus again did not let human rights activist

In Belarus have not started an information assistant representative of the International Observation Mission of the Committee to monitor the situation with human rights Marina Tsapok. The press-service of the International Observation Mission.

April 20 about four o'clock in the morning Marina Tsapok was detained while crossing the Ukrainian-Belarusian abroad. Human rights activist was taken off the train en route from Kiev, the Belarusian frontier "Teryuha." Assistant Officer on duty Border Guard Maj. Riabtsev said that she is forbidden to enter the territory of Belarus and it will be sent to Ukraine by the morning train to the nearest station Chernihiv. "As previously Tsapok Marina worked in Belarus as part of the International Observation Mission and never commit any crime, her" nepropuska "can only be associated with her human rights activities and the inclusion in this regard," the list of banned ", — the press-service of the mission.

Marina Tsapok chairs the Kiev Information Center Committee on International Control over the Situation with Human Rights in Belarus — a structure that created the International observation mission.

"She, like other international human rights activists — Andrei Yurov, Maxim Kitsyuk, hit the "black list" of foreign nationals who are denied entry to the Republic of Belarus ", — the press-service.

It is worth noting that a few weeks ago in the Ukraine started the campaign "For open entry to Belarus", directed against the practice of "banned list." About that, whether a person is on such a list, it is impossible to know in advance from open sources and, therefore, appeal the decision . Reason for a "list" as well, as a rule, are not officially reported. During this campaign, a letter to the Embassy Republic of Belarus in Ukraine with a demand to explain the situation sent to those of other citizens and Marina Tsapok.

Recall that another information assistant representative of the International Observation Mission of Ukraine Maxim Kitsyuk also detained at the Ukrainian-Belarusian border: on the night of March 9, 2011and employees of the frontier took him off the train and said human rights activist that from March 4, he is listed in the "list of banned".

Representatives of the Committee on International Control over the Situation with human rights Belarus regard this fact as a direct obstacle chynenne International Observation Mission.

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