In Britain, created a mosquito killer

British bio-genetics new breed of mosquito programmed to kill their offspring, reports The New York Times. This is made possible due to changes at the genetic level.

Scientists planted insect gene that leads to premature death, that is, before the reproductive age, if time does not introduce a specific antibiotic. Insect can not only mate with their own kind, but also from ordinary mosquito transmitting grafted gene. Reproduces the "new" mosquito willingly in a month observing insects in the Cayman Islands, about 16% of males and 10% of the larvae were presented improved view.

The main problem is that it is — an irreversible process. That is, to return the "new" back to the lab mosquitoes and stop their further reproduction is impossible and, therefore, over time, mosquitoes can disappear as a species. This, in turn, is fraught exercise described Reyem Bradbury catastrophic fantasies: the destruction of thousands of years of folding food chains with completely unpredictable consequences for all species.

However, the positive side too. For example, a partial reduction in the global population of mosquitoes is not just quiet walks in the woods, but also the ability to control various diseases transmitted by insect bites. Especially if scientists learn to control their population in a given area. For example, in Africa or India.

In addition, the experimenters argue that the spread of "new" mosquitoes can quickly reduce the number of parasites in the plantations without pesticides. However, this method is unlikely to be widely distributed, since the appearance of genetically modified mosquitoes can contribute bankruptcy pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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