In Detroit documented the appearance of a triangular UFO witnesses called the police

January 16, 2013 6:06

Residents of the city of Detroit, Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield, located in Michigan, noticed in the dark sky bright lights of a triangular shape, as reported to the police.

The Detroit-documented appearance of a triangular UFO

Late in the evening of 10 January, a group of young people strolling through the streets of Detroit, saw a strange picture — in the night sky glowing objects hovering triangular.

One of the witnesses of the mysterious phenomenon tried to find out what they think about it the police, but the arms of the law and could not give an official explanation.

Then David Levy, who was among the witnesses UFO sightings, posted a Facebook message, which spoke of a flying machine with unusual shapes. "I watched the planes and I can confidently say — they go up much higher, and a bright object was at an altitude that allows to consider its shape," — said in an interview Levi Fox 2 News.

In Detroit documented the appearance of a triangular UFO

Following the publication of notes, on page David barrage of visitors, among whom there were people from other cities who have observed a similar phenomenon. "It really was the triangular lights that moved silently over Farmington Hills. I am not making this up, and I know that the flying object seen in West Bloomfield, "- said a message on Facebook a guy named Sean.

But the news anchor on Fox 2 News in disbelief treated to the residents of Michigan. After showing the plot of a triangular UFO announcer said: "For several decades, the Air Force conducted an investigation service dedicated to the unknown object, but could not find the official confirmation of their existence."

It should be noted that the words employee channel is not quite correct, because these studies, which lasted 20 years, are as follows: 5% of cases, and about 700 observations can not be explained.

While law enforcement officials puzzled over words UFO witnesses, people living in Warren, north of Detroit, were able to videotape the glowing triangular device, move smoothly in the sky.

By the way, a few months earlier, residents of the same state captured on a mobile phone two bright ball hovering over the city of Grand Blanc. But the movie, as well as photos of UFOs, analysts have caused a skeptical smile.

Anna Romantsev,

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