In Hong Kong, broke the tree of wishes




In Hong Kong, broke the so-called "tree of wishes" to which during the New Year celebration attracts thousands of citizens, RIA "Novosti".

Despite the fact that as a result of the accident suffered only two people, many Hong Kongers are confident that this is a bad omen for the coming year.

Traditionally, in the early days of the new year on the lunar calendar to the "Wish Tree" in the Hong Kong area of Taipa attracts thousands of people to leave their wishes on it. The strips of paper with wishes attached to two tangerines and abandoned on one of the branches of the tree.

According to the rules, the ministers of the park, where there is a tree, it must be cleaned three times a day, but witnesses tell that the employees were lazy and appeared near the tree only once a day. As a result, the tree did not withstand the load of hundreds of mandarins and broke off, injuring two people by fallen branches.

Many Hong Kongers believe that this is a very bad omen not only for those whose desires were for wood "very heavy", but also for the entire city.

Experts in Feng Shui, however, are advised not to take this incident to heart. They recall that the "tree of wishes" Type is not the first time becomes a "victim" of the accident. For example, last year, during the celebration of the New Year according to the lunar calendar, the tree caught fire from smoldering incense sticks.


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