In Kamchatka aggressive bear broke into the house

In the village of Tilichiki Olyutorsky district Kamchatka police shot dead an extremely aggressive brown bear broke into the house. The press service of the Russian Interior Ministry regional government reported that the beast came to the house, located in the immediate vicinity of the forested hills, the smell of cooking. Paws predator strikes broke the window frame and went inside the room.

Master of the house had to hide his wife and two children in the bathroom, and himself, to call the police, was to distract the bear itself. Immediately return a call all the police, who were at that time on duty. Two shots in the air from the authorized weapon they scared animal. The bear ran into the street, where he was shot, reports "Interfax". Affected by the incident, no.

In Kamchatka, home to bears, which are one of the largest members of the species on the planet. Weight of an adult male can reach 700 pounds. Cases of predators out to communities and attacks on people in the region are recorded annually. So, last summer, bears tore fisherman on the shore of the bay near Vilyuchinsk 400 meters from the nearest house, in the village of Esso bear chased a local woman, who managed to hide in the doorway of a house. In August, a large bear got into the habit to hunt animals in the district center of Ust-Bolsheretsk.

In summer 2011, the situation here was even more acute reminds ITAR-TASS. The attack killed three bears peninsular, hunters had to shoot about 50 animals, threatening people. Experts believe that more often to communities attract bears landfills, where they can easily find food.

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