In Minsk there were sparrows Albino

In an urban environment, such birds are rare.

Anomalous Sparrow said in Trinity suburb ornithologist Ruslan Shaikin, who was on tour with the students of the secondary school № 29.

The bird has an unusual for the light color of its kind, but it saves a brown-gray color of normal sparrows — scientists call it partial albinism.

— Usually birds such color are found outside of the city. This allows them to camouflage in nature and avoid predators. Albino we are more and more common in the city. The last time we saw an albino sparrow 3 years ago. He lived near the cinema "October", but then disappeared. Apparently his "indiscreet" color attracted a predator — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Ruslan Shaikin.

— But your new find only half white …

— This is called "partial albinism" — the same anomaly as usual albinism. Scientists argue about its origin. But, most of all, it is when the sparrows families live long in one place, mate. As a result of all this, different color mutations.

White birds — a rare phenomenon of great interest to people. Individuals with the color of whatever is a sparrow or a crow, in ancient times called the "princeling".

Ornithologist told us that before the appearance of unusual birds considered an omen of something good.
— People even want to think when they saw. When my students saw a sparrow, to remember it, and also think of.

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