In Moscow, with owls will fight rats

Owl © / jpockeleMOSCOW, Oct. 25 — RIA Novosti. Bird watchers in late October, will set some sovyatnikov in landscape reserve "Troparevsky" in the west of Moscow, to the owl to nest in the park and destroy bred rats, the press service of the reserve on Tuesday.

According to experts of the reserve, the appearance of rats in the park provoked visitors feed the ducks. Uneaten food remained on the ground and caught rats that this summer, "attacked" reserve.

"Owl — the only method of rodent control the reserve. Could say our" biological weapons "against the brazen rats day and night scare passers in the park and also carry the infection. Our experts and volunteers will set October 28 as the minimum five sovyatnikov near the bridge over the river Ochakovku where there has been the largest number of rodents, "- told RIA Novosti on Monday, press secretary of state environmental agency budget" Management of protected areas on the West Administrative District "Catherine Khokhlov.

She also explained that the "Troparevskom" no old trees with holes, so it was decided to install 5 to 10 sovyatnikov, which are two to three times more common starling, and suitable for small nesting owls — Grey Owl, which are widespread in mixed and deciduous forests around the world, but willingly settle in urban parks.

"Owls in Moscow Filevsky nest in the park and on the Sparrow Hills. To us in Troparevo owls fly, but do not nest. Setting sovyatnikov help them find a permanent home here," — added Hoholova.

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