In Orsha banned Chernobyl picket

Local activist Evgeny Onishchenko has filed an application to the city council for the action toX 25 anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, but was refused.

According to a letter from the Executive Committee, Mr. Onishchenko was not allowed to hold a picket, as he was about to do it in the wrong place.

"Certain executive committee place for mass actions — is a children's playground in a city park. But there is only the opening of the season on May 1. The evening of 26 April, when we expected to hold a picket, the park will just be closed. I do not talking about, that at some authorities are now site rides, and people simply would not have been where to come, "- explains Orsha supporter BCD Evgeny Onishchenko.

He requested permission for the rally across the road from a particular place — on the court at the House of trade. Local activists have already begun preparations for the picket line: design the layout of flyers to hand out to passersby, they decided that be banners at protesters … But the city council refused them under threat of administrative liability.


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