In our basement is not even a light bulb! What there could be a laboratory?

In the Internet there were the names of the suspects in the attack on April 11, "the natives of Vitebsk." Reports lot of confusion, but no official information about who committed the attack, is still there.

While the Belarusian media do not call names detained in Minsk, "the natives of Vitebsk", one of the Russian Internet sources they already sounded, calling not two, but three Vitebsk guys.

Confusion with the place of residence: according to information from the Internet, one of the suspects allegedly lives in the five-story building in the First Lane Repin. But it is the private sector, and large houses there just is not.

Other information directly or indirectly supported by the Belarusian internet forums: a minimum of two detainees had been friends since childhood, went to the same school Vitebsk number 35 and lived on the industrial outskirts of Vitebsk, in so-called "DSK area."

The mother of one of them flatly refused to comment on the detention of her son: she is convinced that the Belarusian television and in other media, "the truth will not write all the same":

"I have no thoughts or opinions — nothing. To me no one says anything, I know that you — exactly the same thing … But that's all you need! You only Psuya only break on life! Good you do nothing — just dirt mixed. And the truth — that is — you do not write all the same! "(Ms. hung up.)

In Vitebsk rumors began to circulate that the apartments where the boys lived detainees, neighbors povybivali window, and families themselves have taken somewhere unknown men in civilian clothes. But at the scene confirmed only one thing: where the family lives of detainees, near the entrances are on duty police officers, and indeed in civilian clothes. As they explain it — for the safety of relatives, so that people did not commit vigilante justice.

In the entrance can be reached only by those who live there. One of the neighbors told me that an aggressive attitude to the families of the detainees do not: they are more sympathetic, so Ultrafast disclosure of the case and arrest criminals for one day many are suspicious:

"Here just where we are — their upstairs balcony, one bedroom apartment with them. I've been living in this house, and they live for a long time already. Never have I seen the police for them to come and have some scandals. Well, this family was not a problem! "

According to the Belarusian television said that in the basement of a house where a detainee was a workshop for the manufacture of explosives. But the door there is not sealed. And my companion not only perceived there to do a search — he denies the possibility that in such circumstances could be an entire lab:

Without the mask there is more than an hour did not sit still …

"This is a dungeon, which God forbid! There, everything flows, moisture, there is a stench! Without the mask there is more than an hour did not sit still! There is not even a light bulb, and the switch is not common. You need a light bulb with a bear, not to smash the head there. There are all dammed, coils two by two meters … What kind of laboratory where you can deploy? "

After the bombings in 2005, which, incidentally, is arrested for allegedly confessed Minsk terrorist attack, was indicted ten people. Some of them spent in prison for six months, but then they were released, and these perpetrators have not been found. In Vitebsk well remember those events, so many wary of official reports that are now caught the real terrorists — a fortiori, Information about them pryhovvaetstsa and cluttered with rumors.

Home and basement alleged suspect in the explosion in the subway

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