In Russia will soon appear Special Operations Forces

In Russia will soon appear Special Operations Forces
Russian military department has started forming Special Forces operations and has even made the right command. A similar statement was made on the days of Chief of General Staff Gen. V.Gerasimov.

He noted that a similar decision was made after a detailed study of the practice of formation, the process of preparation and the use of special forces leading countries. The general also said that the Ministry of Defense thinks about the formation of several units that will participate in resolving conflicts outside of the Russian state as part of the United Nations.
Recall role in solving problems within the UN system foreseen spare arrangements whereby Our homeland if necessary should provide hospital, air group and engineering company. According to Gerasimov, such units will be formed if necessary, and then will be targeted in the conflict zone in accordance with the norms of Russian legal system. Chief of Staff added that peacekeeping — is one of the more fundamental problems of the military department. A striking example of this is the creation of the 15th Motorized Infantry Separate Brigade in Samara, which has been entrusted with peacekeeping duties as part of the respective units within the CSTO. Preparing soldiers of the brigade passes considering specific features perform peacekeeping tasks: knowledge of international law, particularly the introduction of military force for breeding opposing sides.

According V.Gerasimova, the growing role of special forces experience explains wars of the new century. In the current time in Russia created the command, which is entrusted with roles in the implementation of planned activities and work plan for the preparation of the army. Moreover, already developed a set of relevant guidance documents to determine the main directions of development, ways and methods of preparation and use of special forces. According to the official disk imaging, special forces command was supposed to subordinate special purpose brigade of the 1st of military districts, special purpose center «Senezh» helicopter squadron (Torzhok), also stationed near Tver squadron of IL-76.

It should be noted that the reform of Russian Armed Forces and the establishment in their composition due to MTR spices military back in 2008, when there was the idea of ​​creation of one control center Russian special units. At the same time, an action plan submitted by the then defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov. But he expressed confidence that the initiative was inappropriate.

But when Serdyukov took place Shoigu, also because of disk imaging that shows, that the United States wants a couple of times to increment the number of hidden special operations outside their own territory, the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation once again turned to the idea of ​​forming special forces command. Together with the officers of the General Staff of the GRU spetsy Minister presented the brand new project of creation of special operations forces, and Shoigu supported this initiative.

According to the views of the cerebral editor of «National Defense» Igor Korotchenko Our homeland should riverbed more fundamental trends of military construction. He notes that the special operations forces, according to the name — is the union of those special units that are used for the respective special operations. They all have an ambiguous character: In addition to the fight against terrorism, and is the main settlement of enemy objects in the real criteria of armed conflict also block threats that may prove burning in certain period of time. Korochenko also expressed confidence that the special operations forces in the country are, in fact, because of the situation that has developed in the current time in Afghanistan. Completely may be that the introduction of special forces will be necessary to have in the coming years due to the destabilization of the situation in the region. For RF very fundamentally have the force with which you can quickly carry out the operation and eliminate the danger to the initial step.

In addition, notes I.Korotchenko, the introduction of special operations forces may become a necessity in the case to protect the interests of the country in remote geographical areas of hostilities. Namely, it is about the ability to confront the pirates in an attempt to capture Russian passenger or merchant ships to respond quickly to the possible dangers that are associated with the danger of hostage — Russian people, or else a powerful blow on the bases of international terrorism in different regions of the world where there is danger of Russian state interests.

In addition, the views on Korochenko, the event that the Chief of the General Staff warned that special operations forces will be made as a separate command structure in the army, suggests that the Russian government does not want to hide from anyone was the presence of such forces. Because nobody like Russian military solutions should not scare, although it is possible that in some European countries will begin again raising of allegations of Russian military threat appears.

Commented Igor Korotchenko and information on the development of special operations forces command. According to him, in Russia there is a special division in the structure of Airborne and other types of troops. But the problem was the fact that the command of these units was non-centralized. Now refers to the development of a centralized command, which will keep under special purpose units in the structure of the Russian army. Unified command, in the views of a professional should improve the efficiency of special forces, so they will be able to act according to one plan. In addition, they will be more mobile and will act more hidden there. But you need to ensure special forces military transport aircraft for rapid transport to an appropriate zone of conflict, intelligence support.

Because the structure of the brain specifically Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, which includes strategic and human intelligence, and of cosmic intelligence, and electronic intelligence, will enable the full potential for the successful fulfillment of the objectives special forces.

Note that Special Operations Command silts have in almost all countries of the world. One of the most recognizable is the South American command USSOCOM, made in 1987. This is one of the combatant commands, which are in the structure of the U.S. Armed Forces. Under the control of special forces are the Army, Navy and Air Force, as the Marines. Prior to the September 11 disaster command engaged in the main provision of special forces operations in conflict zones, also helped in solving the tasks set before the South American embassies and other municipal services outside the country. But starting in 2001, assumed command also functions to combat international terrorism. Command special operations forces in the United States has about 58 thousand people. With all of this about 85 percent of all military personnel who serve in units abroad are in the Middle East.

Canada also has a command of special forces. It was formed in 2006. In carrying out its functions comes to counterterrorism operations. The structure consists of a combined command motivated group of JTF2, 427 Squadron to conduct special operations, special forces regiment also Canadian.

There is a Special Operations Forces Command in Germany. There’s special operations division was created on the basis of airborne parachute battalion. The main strike force — three special purpose company, also two companies of intelligence.

French special forces Command was created in 1992. Under his control were all units and units of the special mission, which involved the implementation of a more fundamental problems outside the country. Later puzzles command came and the fight against terrorism.

Based on the foregoing, the creation and deployment of command MTR uniform beginning in Russia is not another fad war, but simply an urgent need.

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